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Our online courses, currently use email as the sole mechanism for communication between the student and the Graduate Theological Foundation faculty. We are transitioning to an online university and will be utilizing an online student information system (SIS) and an online learning management system (LMS). Each course is taught as a one-on-one tutorial between the student and the faculty person offering the course. This curriculum is offered exclusively by our own faculty. The faculty evaluation of student performance will be linked to the degree level of the student. A complete roster of our online courses are available on the GTF’s website here

New courses are regularly added to the Online course list.

The current format is as follows: The student reads the assigned textual materials and emails a 500-1000 word response to the GTF for each of six sessions. The faculty person sends a personal critique and comments on each of the student’s response papers, and, at the end of the six sessions, the student submits a final paper which is essentially the six combined 500-1000 word papers which the student has edited in light of the faculty person’s critical comments during the course.  The final paper must include a bibliography.

Students may take a maximum of two Online Courses concurrently.

Online Course Registration Process

Step 1 – Click here to download the Online course (formerly E-Tutorial) contact e-mail address. Be sure to add this email address on the PDF form to your safe sender list. Students wishing to request specific course dates must do so in advance of step 2. 

Step 2 – Complete the registration form for your chosen course and click the “Submit” button. Click here to be taken to the Online course list.
Step 3 – Receive invoice and make payment for the course.
Step 4 –Receive an email containing the course syllabus, book list and proposed starting date for the course.

Academic Coursework Completion Policy

All papers written for an Online Course must be submitted within 30 days of completing the Online course or no course credit will be awarded. The entire Online Course timeframe is ten weeks (six weeks for each of the six individual response papers and four weeks for the completion of the final paper). Up to two courses may be taken simultaneously. The expected time required for the readings and essay writings for each course is 40 clock hours. 

Withdrawal/Refund Policy 

Any student may choose to withdraw from an Online course without penalty provided the withdrawal request is received before the first required course paper is submitted for faculty review. A student who chooses to withdraw after submitting the first course paper will receive an “incomplete” for the course (reflected on the transcript). Any student who withdraws from an Online course and later wishes to retake the same course will be required to pay a $600 Online course registration fee. 

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