LDS 511 Special Topics in Transformational Leadership

Faculty: Dr. Paul J. Kirbas (Profile)


We live in challenging times. Deep divisions based on differences in the common human experience have been the rationale of those in every sphere of power to deny civil and human rights of those at every level of society. Decisions are made, laws enacted and prejudices embraced that are unequal in distribution of wealth and material goods, exclusionary in their criteria for robust civic participation, and disregard for a commonwealth founded on higher values, a commitment to the greater good and concern for the least among us.

We also live in hopeful times. A collective shift in consciousness, a thirst for justice, and a desire for human flourishing has birthed new models of leadership – e.g. leadership that is not only technical, but adaptive, not only transactional but transformational. Grounded in universal values of dignity and autonomy, justice and fairness, respect for differences and a commitment to the right of every person to flourish, individuals and communities are collaborating to effect individual, structural and social transformation in the personal, institutional, national and international realms.

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