PLO 502 Discovering Meaning in Marriage

Faculty: Andrew P. Spore, D.Min., Visiting Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy (Profile)


This course will equip students to use the logotherapeutic premarital counseling protocol, Discovering Meaning in Marriage. “Marriage offers an ideal arena in which to discover meaning… A logotherapeutic approach to marital preparation may serve to strengthen this fragile institution by preparing couples to discover meaning in and through it” (from the introduction to Discovering Meaning in Marriage: A Logotherapeutic Approach to Premarital Counseling, by Andrew P. Spore). Students will explore important relationship concepts from a specifically Franklian perspective. In particular, they will reflect on the role of meaning discovery in love and intimacy, and they will learn to communicate to couples the importance of living responsibly in the marriage relationship. Additionally, the foundation laid by this tutorial will provide counselors with valuable resources for working with couples who are already married.

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