BIS 509  Art as Bible Commentary: The Old Testament​

Faculty: Dr. Timothy Allen (Profile)


What if the only commentaries we had on the Bible were artworks from the Christian perspective? Artists often see and feel what others do not. Their imagery often brings in ideas from other passages of the Bible. It also reflects their particular culture as well. Just as a scholar has her own biases, the artist has his. And, these often provide unique, insightful illustrations into the emotions and theologies of Bible passages.
This tutorial has a two-fold goal: first, to demonstrate the power of art as a yet another tool for the pastor/professional to incorporate into their ministry. Second, to demonstrate that for too long now we have left out these important commentaries in our research for various interpretations of the Bible.
Employing the Seven Elements of Art, we will use Chiara de Capoa’s work Old Testament Figures in Art to guide us into this new method of biblical commentary.

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