BIS 512 The Sabbath

Faculty: Dr. Timothy Allen (Profile)


This tutorial looks at the history, day and idea of Sabbath. Is it rest from the previous week or is it
preparation for the upcoming week? A mystical experience or a holy day? Is it a prescribed day
off complete with rituals and requirements or a period of time off from the frenzy of each week?
Is it a simple mindset change? Can we “construct” it or do we just “let it be”? Is it a specific day
or a period of time? Celebratory or simple? Sacred? Secular? Both?

We begin with a quick examination of the Sabbath in the Bible and ancient history, then interact
with Abraham Heschel in his reexamination of Sabbath, and end with a more recent, popular
spirituality of the Sabbath by Wayne Muller.

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