CPP 508 Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

Faculty: Ann-Marie Neale, PhD (Profile) or Mike Brock, PhD, Psy.D (Profile) – Please indicate the faculty member you would like to work with in the Comment section of the Online Registration.


This course is designed for professional practitioners, whether ordained or a licensed practitioner, and those interested in the field of clinical psychotherapy from a pastoral perspective. The focus will be to explore more substantively the range of issues addressed and confronted in the course of a counseling venue, whether within the context of a parish, institutional setting, or private practice. The required text titled Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy functions as a handbook for practice, a resource for information, and provides some helpful guidelines for professional counseling. The second required text titled Clinical Psychotherapy: A History of Theory and Practice constitutes the major resource for the top classical and modern schools of psychotherapy with which all practitioners should be generally acquainted. The recommended but not required text titled Psychology of Religion: A Commentary on the Classic Texts functions as a background reading to contextualize the discussion of the relationship between psychology and religion.

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