CPP 502 Clinical Psychopathology and Personality Disorders

Faculty: Ann-Marie Neale, PhD (Profile) or Mike Brock, PhD, Psy.D (Profile) – Please indicate the faculty member you would like to work with in the Comment section of the Online Registration. 


For the professional counselor, whether in parish ministry or private practice, dealing with personality disorders constitutes the lion’s share of the counseling enterprise and case load for both pastors and counselors. This course is designed as a practitioner’s guide for the facilitation of a clinical and professional approach to the diagnostic assessment of the personality disorders explicated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The mental health community has suspended the use of the term “mental illness” in deference to “mental disorders” and for pastors and clinical counselors this shift has enhanced the effectiveness of the diagnostic assessment and treatment agenda. This course is specifically created for the advanced doctoral student in counseling psychology to assist these professionals in the recognition and description of personality disorders recognized by the American Psychiatric Association in the DSM source book.

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