CPP 509 Cognitive Behavior Therapy: A Study Of Aaron Beck

Faculty: Ann-Marie Neale, PhD (Profile


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has become the leading clinical modality of psychotherapy in the 21st century and though it is practiced in a variety of variants, the formulation of CBT and its international popularity is attributed primarily to the creativity of Aaron Beck, the undisputed father of CBT as practice in clinical counseling settings. To understand the contribution Beck has made to contemporary psychotherapy is the aim of this course and it is broken up into two parts, i.e., Part One focuses upon the life and professional development of Beck himself, and Part Two focuses upon the concepts and theories which he has created in the development of CBT. At the end of the course, the expectation is that the student will understand both who Aaron Beck was and the fundamental theories and concepts he developed in the creation of Cognitive-behavioral Therapy.

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