CPP 515-2 Psychology of Religion: Its History and Theories II

Faculty: Ann-Marie Neale, PhD (Profile) or Mike Brock, PhD, Psy.D (Profile) – Please indicate the faculty member you would like to work with in the Comment section of the Online Registration.


This course is designed to introduce the student or, in the case of students already familiar with some or all of the theorists discussed here, to refresh the student’s memory of the major systems of modern thought in psychology. The focus of this course is to build the incremental development of the discipline of psychology to its current status as a recognized sub-discipline of psychology from Gordon Allport to Abraham Maslow. As there are ten theorists treated in the required text, the student will focus on the second five theorists in the text as the first five theorists are covered in the earlier course titled “Psychology of Religion: History and Theories I”.

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