JES 503 Contemporary Psychological Approaches to Bereavement

Faculty: Reb Simcha Raphael (Profile)


Death is an inevitable dimension of life, often laden with deep and confusing human emotions. Yet by encountering the reality of death with humility, honesty and integrity, it is possible to develop a much deeper appreciation of the meaning of life itself. This course will explore contemporary psychological approaches to death, dying, and bereavement from a spiritual perspective. Through a variety of learning modalities including lecture, discussion, videos, journal writing, meditation and other self-awareness exercises, this course will focus on four inter-related areas:

1) Personal Grief Journey

2) The Psychology of Death and Bereavement

3) Specific Skills in Ministering to the Dying and Bereaved, and;

4) Human Mortality, Life After Death and Questions of “Ultimate Concern”

Through this course students will be given the opportunity to clarify their own psychological perspectives on dealing with dying, death and philosophical views of afterlife and immortality.

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