MED 502 Inherited Conflict & Intentional Peace

Faculty: Dr. Robert H. Frantz (Profile)


The emerging field of epigenetics is showing us how conflicts, struggles and challenges faced by our grandparents can result in genetic modifications for multiple generations of descendants, leading to a variety of conditions and behaviors that can cause conflict in the lives of the grandchildren. For example, stubborn weight gain, depression, aggressive behavior, learning disabilities, phobias and a variety of other diseases and dysfunctions can be linked back through one’s genetic family tree to grandparents’ struggles. Breakthroughs in brain scan technology, data mining of genetics, and university research on the benefits of contemplative prayer and meditation are showing promise of new ways to interrupt the multi-generational pattern of conflict behaviors and illnesses. Biochemical benefits of pharmaceuticals in development, as well as certain diets and contemplative prayer, meditation are now known and understood. This course aims to equip mediators, pastors, counselors, therapists, teachers, judges, law enforcement professionals, and “regular people” with a historical understanding of epigenetics as it pertains to social and personal conflict, how to recognize the signs of possible epigenetically-implicated behaviors, and available resources and solutions to reverse and stop inter-generational propagation of these sources of behavioral, biological, social and spiritual struggles.

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