MED 504 Mediation I: Basic Techniques & Practice

Faculty: Mary Kendall Hope, Ph.D., Professor of Mediation Studies (Profile)


This Course explores the skills and concepts needed to understand basic mediation skill, common practices and techniques used by mediation professionals. Students and professionals taking this course will be introduced to the field of mediation and provided an orientation to the most commonly accepted techniques, skills, and methods of mediation practice. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to observe credentialed mediators with an understanding of mediation process. The goal of this course is to begin the professional student’s journey of mediation training or provide understanding of the objectives of mediation. Professionals who may work alongside credentialed mediators will find this course quite informative as this training will provide the means for understanding how both clients and professionals can utilize the techniques of mediation well to better resolve conflicts. It is recommended that the student professional who wishes to take this course as a means of training complete the Mediation II Tutorial as well, which expounds upon the mastery of skills required to implement positive and balanced resolutions that last, promote healing, and more thorough resolution.

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