MED 505 Mediation in the Workplace

Faculty: Mary Kendall Hope, Ph.D., Professor of Mediation Studies (Profile)


This course continues to develop the skills and concepts needed to master mediating conflicts and disputes in a business setting. The goal of this course is to introduce an existing professional to effective techniques and practices for preparing employees, trainers, human resource professionals, supervisors, managers and other business liaisons to handle work place conflicts and disputes. It is recommended that the student professional who wishes to take this course as a means of training complete additional mediation training which focusing on mentorship with an experienced professional. This course is not designed to train any person to mediate regular conflicts or disputes or serve in any capacity as a substitute for required mediation training for credentialing purposes. For mediation credentialing information, please check the state or country in which you may intend on seek to provide mediation for additional training information.

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