MUS 512 Processional Chants: A Pilgrim People Sings

Faculty: Dr. Christoph Tietze (Profile)


This course will explore the processional chants of the Mass (introit, gospel acclamation, offertory, and communion) and other liturgical and devotional services (e.g. Easter Vigil, Palm Sunday, and Holy Thursday processions, Stations of the Cross, etc). During this course, the student will examine the texts associated with each procession, the musical form of the associated chant, the historical context in which these processions were and are used, and some contemporary applications.

If a student wishes to take MUS 506 “Gregorian Chant: The Proper Chants Of The Mass” and MUS 512 “Processional Chants: A Pilgrim People Sings,” care must be taken that the material is sufficiently different and that the musical examples used in each paper is distinct from the other course.

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