PCC 504 Disasters & Community Trauma: In Depth look at First Responders, Children, College Students, & Elderly

Faculty: Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (Profile)


This course examines the unique challenges facing first responders, children, college students, and the elderly. First responders are usually medical or mental health professionals, local clergy, local and out of town lay volunteers, members of professional agencies such as the local police force, the National Guard, FEMA, local fire departments, or volunteer agencies such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Like the victims (or survivors as I prefer to call them), first responders will need support both during and after the event. This support will help assure that they will be able to provide the best care possible during both the immediate event and during any future ones. They will also be better able to go back to their daily lives without suffering ill effects from their service to the community. Hopefully, they will be less vulnerable to vicarious trauma. In addition to discussing the role of first responders, since the unique characteristics of children, adolescents, college students and the elderly were only briefly covered in the other e-tutorial, this course will explore issues facing these populations in more depth. There also will be readings on vicarious trauma and vicarious resilience.

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