PCC 506-2 Ethics of Life And Morality 2

Faculty: Dr. Anthony O. Nwachukwu (Profile)


Part II: Describe the moral implication of being a Minister of the Word [of God]? 2. Conscience is to the human heart what morality is to life. Expatiate? 3. How does morality resemble ethics? 4. To what extent do you agree that brute animals are morally bound? 5. Bioethics is primarily the application of natural sciences to modern medicine. How does it relate to or different from religion and morality? 6. To be moral is to be religious. Explicate? 7. Every human action is moral, contextually or otherwise. Comment with examples? 8. Conscience plays the role of midwife in moral actions. How? 9. “Virtus in medium stat” [Virtue stands in the middle] – Aristotle. Examine the above statement in the light of today’s materialistic tendencies? 10. To have religion or worship God is a moral obligation. Discuss? 11. What is the meeting point of morality, religion, and conscience? 12. Who is a Moralist? How is he different from and related to a hypocrite? 13. “Everybody has his own life to live.” What is the moral implication of that statement? 14. Explain what constitutes a moral act or makes an act moral?

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