PCC 513-2 The Art of Counseling II

Faculty: Michael Brock, PhD, Psy.D. (Profile)


For all of us in ministry, clerical or laical, a familiarity with the fundamentals of counseling is essential. Our best intentions in clinical or pastoral counseling fall flat if we’re clumsy about the how of basic counseling. And we’re all clumsy at times, even the most seasoned among us.

In The Art of Counseling I, we study two theorists, Carl Rogers and Rollo May, who are credited with “inventing” counseling as we know it today. In this course, The Art of Counseling II, we look at men and women who honored and/or were inspired by Rogers’ and May’s work and went on to chart approaches of their own. Students will read a classic work on therapy by the renowned existentialist Irvin Yalom and one other book of their choice from a list of four writers.

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