SPI 517 Meaning and Healing from Trauma

Faculty: Edward Marshall, MD, PhD. (Profile)


This course explores the ways in which the three dimensions of a human being (body, mind, and spirit) are affected by traumatic experiences and how interventions in these three dimensions can help to overcome and to heal from the consequences of trauma. The course presents a meaning-centered approach and a somatic-psychological approach. The readings and the reflective questions are aimed to help students produce a synthesis of both approaches for the benefit of those negatively affected by trauma. It explores the reasons why a healthy brain is necessary to access historical sources of meaning; how meaning centered interventions can include body expressions and aid healthy human development. A meaningful response to the tragic triad of human existence considers the full person, body, mind, and spirit. Recovering a sense of agency and the experience of the freedom of will are necessary to develop a relationship with oneself, others, nature, and the transcendent. Relating meaningfully to oneself, others, the world, and the transcendent can help to complete the healing process.

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