SPI 511 Praying the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius: A Retreat on Inner Peace in Divine Love

Faculty: Dr. Janice Lynne Lundy (Profile)


Your whole life is your spiritual life; God is in every part of it. In this online retreat format, and under the guidance of a certified spiritual director, you will reflect on the principles and practices of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, a wise guide for those who seek greater freedom and authenticity, a clearer sense of God’s presence in your life, a closer discernment of your deepest desires, and sacred union with God and the whole Cosmos. The purpose of this retreat-style course, then, is to remember, experience and express love: to remember how one has been loved by God and others in their lives, to experience Divine Love in intimacy with the Trinity, and to respond to that love with a generous and giving Spirit to God, self and others in word and deed.

It is structured into six weeks of seven days of prayer each week, that engages you in a structured daily exercise of prayer, practice and reflection about some aspect of your ordinary life rhythms in order to bring you more deeply into your relationship with God. (see readings in week one for specifics). Each week you’ll do the exercises, write your prayer experiences for each day in your listening book, and use these as the basis of your weekly reflection. each day you will do the prayer practice called the Examen, which is a reflection on the day. (pp.75-77) and write that in your journal as well.

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