SPI 512 Pure Presence: An Interreligious Approach to Sacred Listening

Faculty: Dr. Janice Lundy (Profile)


“Pure Presence” is a unique protocol for sacred listening that can enhance and deepen one’s ability to offer presence to clients and seekers of any tradition. It is uniquely designed for caring professionals to be used in a myriad of settings, ministry formats and private practice. Pure Presence allows an individual to listen deeply; to offer the deepest empathy and spiritual care to whomever they are with. It serves and benefits the spiritual guide as well as the seeker (or client) simultaneously. Developed by Dr. Janice Lundy, Pure Presence is sourced in both the Eastern and Western traditions of body-mind science and contemplative spirituality. In this course, you will learn the practice of Pure Presence by cultivating non-judgmental awareness and compassionate presence for yourself and others; attend to inner bias, bypass guilt and shame through self-compassion exercises, and foster openheartedness to people of all spiritual persuasions. This interreligious approach to formal presence training can deepen and advance spiritual understanding and care in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and religious communities. This course is practice based. Each week’s lesson provides useful tools for you to learn non-judgmental, compassionate listening. This is done through the texts, as well as downloadable mp3s for repeated listening and ongoing practice. You will be expected to have “gentle conversations” with others throughout the course (at least one per week) to put these tools to work; to incline your efforts toward masterful listening and open-hearted presence. Self-assessment opportunities are provided within each lesson to assist this process, including the use of the “Pure Presence Log” and short journal pages (found within the Pure Presence text). The weekly response papers are based on your reading, practiced conversations with others, and your reflection process.

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