TCH 510 God, Nature, and Us: An Interdisciplinary Approach to a new Paradigm for the Human Place in Nature

Faculty: Dr. Paul J. Kirbas (Profile)


This course explores the basic and important question of whether nature is sacred in and of its own right, and if so, what is a proper understanding of our human place within it. The study offers insightful perspectives from an interdisciplinary panel including leading scientists, theologians, and philosophers. The authors also represent diverse religious perspectives, including Evangelical Christian, Roman Catholic, Jewish and Muslim. Beginning with a brief tour of the universe led by NASA astronomer Jennifer Wiseman, the course proceeds to lay important foundations of building bridges between science and religion. Once this bridge is provided, theologians step in to reflect on the meaning of the sanctity of nature, and of what it means to be human. The current model of seeing humans as the stewards of nature, with all its good intentions, is seriously questioned. New models are proposed, leading students to fresh considerations of our use of, and care for nature.

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