WOS 503 Helping Women Heal After Domestic Violence

Faculty: Mary Kendall Hope, Ph.D., Professor of Mediation Studies (Profile)


This course explores the methods and techniques for helping women heal who have been the victim of domestic violence. The concept of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is clearly defined in terms of domestic violence with an emphasis on how an understanding and identification of the symptoms of PTSD can assist women to define their behavior and specify new patterns of thinking and living. Methods for dealing with the emotional pain and suffering of domestic violence are explored with an emphasis on letting go of faulty socialization patterns. The course is designed to teach professionals how to stimulate this clientele to embrace healthy relationships and positive assertive behavior and identity. Also new ways of integrating a healthy lifestyle within the support of Christ’s love are encouraged through techniques designed to build and maintain good self-esteem and positive relationships in the church.

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