Dear GTF Community

Dear GTF Community,

It is with great joy, and humble gratitude, that I serve as the third President of the Graduate Theological Foundation. I have warm memories of the last 20 years of my time in the GTF family, first as a student, then as a faculty member, more recently as the Chairman of the Board, and now the President and CEO of this great institution. As I take on my role as President and CEO, I know that I am standing on the shoulders of the leaders of the past. It is my hope and plan to lead GTF to build upon its great strength of the past as we move into a new future. Granted, this future is not what any of us imagined as we started on this journey. This new reality of the Pandemic and its impact on every part of human society is something that all of us, as individuals and institutions, must attempt to navigate. It won’t be easy, but GTF has a strong foundation that can weather major storms.

So let us begin our journey together. I am excited and pleased to travel with you as we take GTF into its next era of bringing light into the world through our interfaith, international, multicultural education.

Paul J Kirbas, D.Min, Ph.D
President and CEO

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