GTF Opens new Department of Chaplain Services,
And Introduces our new Director

During the recent months of the COVID crisis, it has become apparent to the GTF administration that there is a need within our GTF community for spiritual and emotional support. Many of our current students, faculty, and alumni have shared news of a health crisis, financial crisis, a grief situation, a job loss, etc. The COVID crisis has increased this awareness, but it has always been present, and will be in the future. To respond to the pastoral/spiritual needs of our community, GTF has created a new Department of Chaplain Services.
In addition to one-on-one pastoral care, we hope to see our new Department of Chaplain Services expand in new directions, such as offering zoom support meetings, having spiritual retreats for ministry professionals, and connecting GTF to the surrounding congregations, mosques, and synagogues of Oklahoma City. Given the multicultural and interfaith characteristics of our GTF community, we needed to find a chaplain who embraces that diversity, and can base the chaplaincy on general spiritual guidance and relational ministry. We are excited to announce that we have found the perfect person to fit this unique role. We are happy to introduce our new Director of Chaplain Services, Rev. Carol Waters.

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