MUS 508 Liturgical Arts and Sacred Languages

Faculty: Dr. John A. Stultz (Profile)


This course examines the way in which liturgy plays a primary role in the Buddhist Tradition. From the pre-canonical community and its Pujas at venerated Stupas, to the Cathedrals of Japan, liturgy continues to shape the Sangha. (This course serves as an elective option for all Sacred Music students.)

Premise: Liturgy is a major part of the Buddhist faith. This course will explore the history and practice of Zen liturgy and will explore current thinking, methods and practices gleaned from ancient schools to current presentations. This will be an extremely informative course for anyone interested in understanding better the practice liturgy and its application in the contemporary culture.

Objectives: To help the student understand the meaning of liturgy in the Buddhist faith with particular emphasis on the Zen tradition and the way in which the Buddhist Liturgy explicates universal doctrines. It will also explore how it may be applied in contemporary ministry.

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