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Undergraduate Admissions

To apply for admission, please follow the application procedure outlined here for Undergraduate Admissions.

The Graduate Theological Foundation accepts applications for admissions throughout the year.  Once all required materials have been received, the application is submitted to the Admissions Committee for review.  The review process takes approximately one to two weeks.  Students are then notified by mail of their status. 
Prospective students wishing to be considered for acceptance under current 2021 program requirements and tuition rates must submit all application materials in time to be received by December 9, 2021.  Applicants who submit all required materials by this date will be eligible for consideration for admission under 2021 policies and program requirements. Any applications or application materials received after this date will be reviewed after January 3, 2022, and applicants will be subject to 2022 program requirements and tuition rates. 
To request a free Pre-application assessment please follow this procedure:
Graduate Admissions

To apply for admission, please follow the application procedure outlined here for Graduate Admissions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the total cost amounts?

Total program cost amounts include all required courses if taken through the GTF.   The acceptance of transfer credit will decrease the total program cost. Here is the listing of our tuition and fees.

Do you have a student handbook?

Degree candidates are bound by the regulations of the Student Handbook of the year in which they are accepted into their program of study. Here’s a listing of our Student Handbook by year.

How does thesis supervision work?

The Graduate Theological Foundation Academic Degrees require a demonstration of academic research considered by the faculty to be an original work of scholarship and a contribution to the field to earn an Academic Master’s or Doctorate Degree and orally defend their Thesis. Here is our Selection of Faculty Thesis Supervisor and Nomination Procedure.

How do your online courses (formerly E-Tutorials) work?

Our online courses use email as the sole mechanism for communication between the student and the Graduate Theological Foundation faculty. Each course is taught as a one-on-one tutorial between the student and the faculty person offering the course. This curriculum is offered exclusively by our own faculty. The faculty evaluation of student performance will be linked to the degree level of the student. About our Online Courses.

How does your accreditation Work?

The Graduate Theological Foundation is an ecumenical and interreligious 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational foundation chartered by the State of Indiana. This charter provides that the GTF may offer programs and grant degrees in areas of ministry.  The GTF also engages in the sponsorship of research, publishing of monographs and awarding of grants and fellowships.  The Graduate Theological Foundation does not hold accreditation from a Department of Education-approved accrediting agency. Here are more details.

What Important policies should I be aware of?

The following section outlines important policies of the Graduate Theological Foundation of which students should make themselves aware. Here are our Policies.

How do you define Units of Study and what are the study options?

Units of Study and Credits Defined. 

NOTE: The GTF accepts academic work from regionally accredited and/or denominationally sponsored/approved institutions.

The GTF offers a great variety of study options, as well as providing opportunities to study at collaborating institutions.

How does a Project Consultancy work?

The Graduate Theological Foundation Professional Degrees require an exit project in the relevant field of study with an emphasis placed upon topical issues, problem-solving agendas, and mechanisms for implementation strategies. The exit project may be presented through the use of various media such as workbooks and manuals, videos, CD-ROMs, websites and DVDs. Here is our procedure for the selection and nomination of a Project Consultant.

How does your Residential Institutes work?

The Graduate Theological Foundation periodically provides the opportunity for students to engage in on-site intensive weeks of study at the administrative offices of the GTF through attendance at a GTF Institute. These Institutes are offered at varying times throughout the year and cover a variety of topics relevant to ministry professionals. Learn more here.

What resources do you have available to students?
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