WOS 507 Women’s Journey Into Alcohol Abuse or Addiction

Faculty: Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (Profile)


Alcohol is a socially acceptable drug in our modern society. This fact does not detract from alcohol’s popularity. Nor is this fact a criticism of alcohol or those who consume it. However, potential and actual alcohol abuse and addiction continues to be a serious problem for women of all ages. Although the stigma attached to alcoholism is not as great for women today as it was a generation ago; nevertheless, this stigma still exists and influences how and if women seek treatment when they see that excessive alcohol consumption has become a problem in their lives. One way to understand this growing problem is through the poignant and powerful stories of two professional women (A Psychologist and a Writer/Editor) who grappled with their own alcohol addiction. This course is not just for women or for addiction counselors. The course also provides important information for chaplains, clergy, educators, friends and family members who seek to better understand and be helpful to the many women who find themselves in trouble with alcohol. The two women who share their stories discuss the many avenues that women pursue in search of sobriety. Stephanie Brown discusses Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon Twelve Step Recovery Programs from a woman’s perspective.

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