Project List

This is a partial list of final projects completed by masters and professional doctoral GTF graduates. This list includes the student’s name, title of the project, and graduation date.

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Mediation
  • Master of Pastoral Counseling
  • Master Religious Education
  • Master of Sacred Music
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Tribunal Studies
  • Doctor of Mediation
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Doctor of Sacred Music
  • Doctor of Tribunal Studies
  • Doctor of Education
  • Doctor of Psychology
Master of Business Administration  
Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Abruzzese, Joanne M.Personnel: A Labor of Love and a Love of Labor1993
Allis, Park B.Care of Clergy1995
Bean, Theodore W.An Overview and Redirection of the Pastoral Care Program at Goldwater Memorial Hospital1991
Blossom, Jr., JohnA Long Range Plan for the Cathedral Parish: Vision 20001995
Bowes, OP, Geraldine E.The Impact of the Organic Theory of history and the Cadre Study of Ministries of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre1993
Bozanich, DennisStrategic Change within Roman Parish Settings1993
Brown, Michael HenryManagement and Mission in Wellington Cathedral1992
Carlin, John ThomasCatholic School Finances and the Pastor’s role1995
Charek, Timothy C.Licensing of Selected Ministry personnel and the Roman Catholic Diocesan Church in the United States: An Exploration of Issues1992
Charron, JimChurch Administration Course2003
Clark, LamarFeasibility Study for New Church Development, Financing and Evangelism1991
Clegg, Ambrose A.A Learning Organization: A New Model for the Business Workplace1997
Collins, MS, Brother G. PeterDirector for the Administration of Temporal Goods1993
Correia, JoanBusiness Office Management of the Catholic School1997
Davison, TonyA Manual of Continuing Education for Lutheran Clergy1995
Degen, James T.At the Lord’s Request: Development and Implementation for Extra Catechetical Programs1993
Deitch, Richard S.We have gifts that Differ: A Seminary Course in Parish Administration1993
Denison, Jr., Richard E.Implementing Basic Financial Controls in a Small to Medium Membership Congregation1993
Diederichs, Carl E.Developing Financial Stewardship1993
Duford, Donald J.St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center Facilities Manual and Video1993
Foege, Richard H.A New Direction for Endowment Funds in the Parish1992
Forker, Wilbert GeorgePortraits of Leaders and Leadership1993
Fowler, Dora C.A Guide to Effective Administration in Child Care2003
Giuntini, Robert J.A Model for Managing a Roman Catholic Parish in Suburban America1995
Gregory, Howard K. A.Theological Education in the Caribbean: The Leadership Challenge1993
Griffis, Roberta AnnA maintenance and Repair manual for Fairview Presbyterian Church2006
Hall, Leula WallaceFeasibility Study for New Church Development, Financing and Evangelism1991
Hammes, Rose A.National Council of Catholic Women: A Study of Institutional Change2003
Herrera, RSM, Maria GuadalupeA Model for Creating a New Catholic Diocese: A Vision of what might be1995
Hohenegger, Patricia AnnNon-Profit Verses For-Profit Hospital1995
Horton, Mark AlexanderFrom Dream to Reality: The Affiliation of Housatonic Habitat for Humanity1993
How, Gordon C.The Television Programming Board of the United Church of Canada1991
Howarth, Steven EdwardBeginning Work in a new Parish: A Model for Assessment and Goal-Setting1992
Hudec, Paul A.Student Financial Aid Program1992
Hutton, Linda A.Angels Unaware-the Ministry of Hospitality1995
Jackman, Joseph AlbinA Guide and Handbook for Newly Ordained and Assigned Clergy1993
Jahnke, Ronald H.Staffing for the 21st Century in the Lutheran Church1993
Jennings, Marvin A.A Learning Organization: A New Model for the Business Workplace1998
Kampwerth, PHJC, AnnemarieFocusing our Future (Implementation of PHJC Pastoral Plan)1993
Kersten, David J.On Becoming an Intentional Community: St. Joseph’s church Niagra Falls, NY1995
Kolb, Barry L.Stepping into the ‘90’s and Beyond1992
Kuntz, Donald W.Swot’s New with peach and Justice? The Peace with Justice Project Meets SWOT Analysis and Futuring1992
LaBruzzo, Rita A.The Parish Coordinator: A Growing Position in the Catholic Church1997
Lamp, EdwardParish counsels: Effective Leadership Through Shared Ministry1993
Long, Thomas ChristopherEarly Movements in Church History2006
Lynch, Jr., DamonSimba: A Larger Vision1991
Mittermaier, John T.Staffing for the 21st Century in the Lutheran Church1993
Monks, MarthaAppreciating the Soul in the Workplace2003
Morici, Anthony J.A Vision of Leadership for the Church Today1997
Morley, William HarrisCalled to Lead: The Church’s Greatest Challenge1991
Morran, James P.Catholic Elementary Schools: A Road not Paved in Gold1993
Murray, OSB, MichaelThe Family Center at Holy Cross Abbey1991
Naughton, William M.Self-Evaluation Inventory for Priests1997
Niles, H. CliftonOrganizational Restructuring as a means of Renewal1995
Nordstrom, CraigEnvisioning the Future: A Case Study in Proactive Leadership1991
Rodger, RaymondA Parish Administrators Handbook1997
Romero, CarlosYouth Convention Planning Book1997
Ross, E. GordonReflections on Christian Ministry1992
Seybold Clegg, JaneA Learning Organization: A New Model for the Business Workplace1997
Sheedy, MateoFronteras no More1993
Stano, LesterTimothy House-Parish Innovation, Adaption and Management1991
Sullivan, RSM, MargueriteA Practical Approach to Grantsmanship for Church-Related Agencies1992
Summa, MaryannDirector of Financial Services Handbook1995
Swier, Norman P.Choosing our Future: Leading through Change in an Established Congregation of the Reformed/Presbyterian Tradition1995
Taylor, Michael HoyleInterfaith Action Communities1991
Tong, Joseph TjonghwayCurriculum Review of the International Theological Seminary, Los Angeles, in the Context of Organizational Development1991
Traynor, CSP, James-PeterImplementing Total Quality Management: The Demengized Division1993
Wadley, Robert P.The Theology of church Administration2003
Walker, Jr., Orris GeorgeA Consideration of the office and Work of an Episcopal Bishop in the Later Portion of the 20th Century1993
Wallace, Edgar A.Implementation of Ministry as Pastoral Care Project1995
Wholl, GailThe Lessons of Change1995
Wilcox, MargaretEvangelism Strategies for the Episcopal Church1992
Withers, ArlisThe Question of Effective Leadership…A Guide to Maximizing Ministry1995
Worthing, Carol M.Introductory Collaboration as a Leadership Stance and Style in an Established Statewide Conference of Churches1993
Wright, JeffProject Team Development for Associational Urban Mission1995
Yuhasz, Nancy L.Diocesan Structure: the Chancery Office: Serving the Church of Youngstown1995
Zurawski, Cheryl A.Business Management Aspects for a Parish1997

Master of Mediation

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Iromenu, AnthonyThe Concept of Conflict and Dispute Resolution within the Igbo Culture of Nigeria2012
Miller, Christopher G.Societal Response to Crime: Current and Alternative Methods2011
Peterson, Nancy A.Mediation Agency Website2007
Plachta, Brian J.Spiritual Friendships: A Guide for Men and Those Who Counsel with Them2012

Master of Pastoral Counseling

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Afugwobi ,CelestineThe Importance of Presence and Listening in Pastoral Counseling: A Critical Evaluation and Application of the Ministry of Presence and Listening in Pastoral Counseling2018
Franco, DiomedesAbsence of Friendship in the Marriage in the Hispanic community of the United States of America2005
Hobbs, Donna TrochessettSt. Augustine’s Confessions: A Model for Self-Discovery Can We Still Believe in the Soul?2017
Kreslins, BCC, Diane D.Instruction Manual on the Interdisciplinary Approach to Quality Spiritual Care in Oncology Palliative Care2014
Krus, Anne K.Encountering the “Man on the Street” The Benefits of Educated and Trained Lay Ministers in Pastoral Logotherapy2018
Leven, Daniel ScottSeven Meditations for Transformation and Healing2014
Musa, Abdus-SalaamIslamic Indigenous Compassionate Care/Clinical Pastoral Educational Training2017
Nwokorie, Fabian IhediConscience Formation and Pastoral Care of the Youths: Need for the Catholic Diocese of Aba-Nigeria2013
Onu, ChristianaNeed for Psychological Practice in Society: A Pastoral Approach2011
Uzondu, GabrielCrises of Faith Among Nigerian-Catholic Immigrants2018

Master Religious Education

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Bellefeuille-Rice, Kathleen MaryFormation for Ordination with Roman Catholic Womenpriests: One Woman’s Journey2013
Coronado, Gloria AliciaFamilias en Cristo2008
Garman, Sharon DeVauxWhy the Catholic Bible is Different2004
Goeckner, David C.Confirmation Handbook & Evangelization Essay2014
Imamovic, MersadIslamic Weekend School (Mekteb): The Case of Bosniak Diaspora (1906-2014) Curriculum: Teaching Methodology and Didactic Principles2014
Lojiu, Rosalie LinusWholeness and Harmonious Living in the Blessed Trinity2006
Ng, StanleyPracticum in Soul Care Ministries2014
Odierna, Geraldine J.Project for Faith Formation in a Parish2010
Quintero-Cortés, Ivonne¿Una Moral Laica? Las ideologías en la enseñanza de valores morales en la escuela pública puertorriqueña a partir de la segunda mitad del siglo XX en una sociedad secularizada2013
Reynolds, Thomas M.Six Core Theology Courses Developed for Use in Catholic Diaconate Formation Programs2012
Rodríguez-Hernando, MCSTNJ, GuadalupeElementos para una preparación integral a los sacramentos de reconciliación, comunión y confirmación de niños y jóvenes en la parroquia2014
Saucedo, Enedina SanchezPrograma Para la Inclusion en Catequesis2007
Stepanian, DaronBadarak-Holy Liturgy in the Armenian Apostolic Church2006

Master of Sacred Music

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Alfieri, James CharlesFaith Through Music2016
Crispo, Maria StellaSettings of a Selection from the Book of Psalms2018
Ford, Eunice McIntyreMusings of a Mystical Monastic: An Examination of 50 Elevations for Organ on Modal Themes by Dom Paul Benoit2004
Johnson, David W.Recording Project, Hope Lutheran church Schola, Bozeman Montana2005
Knobel, JaneThe Construction of a Curricular Guide to the Historical Investigation of Sacred Music: The Pre-Christian Era to 18502004
Koo, Hwee LeePiano Recital: A Miscellany of Sacred Music – Be Thou my Vision; Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring; The Seven Last Words of Our Savior on the Cross; Going Home; Ave Maria2015
Sherman, David OdellTenebrae: A Service of Darkness2018
Sloan, Kaye AnnePerformance of Durufle Requiem2006
Tang, Joyce Zhi’enAve Maria, an Anthology2015
Thome, Adam WilliamBorn of a Virgin: An Evening of Marian Scripture and Song2010

Master of Theology

Student NameThesis TitleGraduation Date
Abdelsatar, Mohamed Moustafa Mohamed AnwarThe Controversial Fiqh Issues in Western Society and its Consequences2015
al Ali, Amin AbdullahEfficiency in Marriage and Its Impact on Muslims in America2016
Al-Ayoubi, RaniaThe Education of Girls in Islam2012
Alestoani, Tofik AhmadThe Importance of Spirituality in Life2014
Algizawi, Abdelhamid Shehata A.Imam and his Role in the American Society2015
Altamirano Cubas, WilmerPropuesta de administración pública basada en la ética para mejorar la gestión en tres Municipalidades de la provincia de Rioja, región San Martín-Perú2018
Al Kassas, HanaNo Excuses for what Allah has Forbidden from the Law of the Shariah Perspective2013
Alrousan, RaedThe Narrations of the Month of Rajab Collection and Analysis2009
Alsadi, Khawla A.Adultery and Justice in Islam2014
Altamirano Cubas, WilmerPropuesta de administración publica basada en la ética para mejorar la gestión en tres Municipalidades de la provincia de Rioja, región San Martín – Perú2018
Al-Shehabi, Jinaan YousefA Critique of Islamic Studies Education in the West2015
Auguiste, Vanty CallistusFamily Ministry Among the Kalinago Catholics of Dominica2012
Barajas, JuanFormation of Hispanic Catholic Lay Leaders2007
Barazanji, HaithamIslamic Perspective of Democracy2009
Bell, Joseph WilliamThe Identity and Character of the Diaconate in Relation to the Episcopacy2016
Brown, Roy R.The Impact of Neo-Pentecostalism on the Theology of Liberation in the Black church2005
Buckner, Robert EdwardI Killed Jesus: A Jewish Convert’s Journey2007
Burkhart, Graham RossOpen Theism: Repudiating rather than reviving the thought of James Arminius2009
Burns, Jr., John JosephThe American Rebellion Against Humanae Vitae2012
Ceman, SabahudinThe Notion of Youth in Islam2011
Chavez, ManuelLa Verdad del Matrimonio; ¿Matrimonio Homosexual?2010
Chislett, David EdwardThe Unity of the Christian Koinonia, the Church that Presides in Love, and the Anglican Tradition2016
Crabtree, David RichardIslam in America: In Pursuit of Understanding2010
Dawlatzai, Marzia HashemWomen in Islam2007
Deeb, AishaThe Importance of Hajj and Omra from Fiqh Perspective2014
Diaz, Catherine MarieThe Eucharist and the Youth Devotion2017
Ekuban, Charles AaronThe Church: A Continual Incarnation of Jesus2010
Elagami, MohamedSocial Aspects of the Lives of Muslims in the United States of America2014
Fernández Molocho, Wilton NeriLa Eucaristía misterio de redención y prefiguración del banquete celestial2018
Fetic, IsmailThe Experience of Muslims in the Canadian Cultural Mosaic with Special Emphasis on Bosniaks2012
Foos, Brian DouglasRedeeming and Sanctifying Time: Recovering the Daily Offices for the Mission of the Church2003
Fowler, George B.Pastoring Counseling to Older Adults2003
Gallegos, JoseMatrimonio, sexualidad y responsibilidad desde una ética teológica2010
Garces-Torres, GilbertoThe Mission Ad-Gentes of the church Today Among the Bambara Akan de Mali, and Ivory Coast in Western Africa, A Pluralistic Religious Vision2006
Garcia Archila, Sergio VinicioHispanic Catechist Formation2007
Garcia PCI, Alicia MariaThe Missionary Life of St. Paul2005
Gewida, Saad AbdelhamidCommunity Services and Their Impact on Society2014
Gómez, Cesáreo FernándezPromoting Integral Community Development in Rural Settings Based on Catholic Social Doctrine2017
Gray, CarolRaja Yoga: The Philosophy of Classical Yoga2003
Guerrero, Jaime S.Sexualidad y Proyecto de Amor2010
Hassan, Mohamed Salah OmarMethodology of Dawah in the Qur’an2011
Hassane, Mohamed TahaIslamic Centers, Imams, and Muslim Youth in America: Challenges of Relationship2009
Hernandez Gopar, GabrielLa Plegaria Eucaristica I: Estudio y perpectivas2009
Hernandez, Mabel T.La Eucaristia, Sacramento y Presencia real2007
Hirzalla, Alia MahmoudExplaining Acts and Reasons from a Psychological Perspective, Inspired by the Book Rebirth of Faith and Science2016
Ikwueke, HHCJ, Catherine OmelebeleThe Dignity of Christian Marriage2009
Jaber, Hana TalebModesty: The missing duty2013
Jaber, NawalThe Effects and Consequences of Piety in the Qur’an Kareem2017
Kaigoma, Donatian D.Effective Communication: Enhancing Pastoral Care in Hospital Visits2013
Kamel, Aly Soliman MohamedIslamic Dawa Rules in the USA2016
Kamel, Moustafa Soliman MohamedEasy Jurisprudence Marriage2014
Kanbari, Abdul Kader AhmedThe Cultural Invasion2012
Karajouli, Andera AdnanThe Messenger is a Husband2012
Kijewski, Richard F.Forming Adult Catholic Christians to Fulfill their Baptismal Call as Active Members of the Church of Phoenix: Was Vatican II Wrong?2008
Kilani, Mohamed AzharWater Security Between Present and Future Time in the Light of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah2012
Kilany, Osama SadikArab Development and the Development of Islamic Turkish2012
La, Mary Phuong ThaoLovers of the Holy Cross Sisters2006
Latif, Naser Abdel AlshaikhThe Jurisprudence of the Priorities2011
Littleton, Edward O.Dating the Apocalypse (The Book of Revelation)2009
Lopez Cardenas, VirginiaLa Eucaristia, Alimento de Vida y Comunion2007
Medina Díaz, Lorenzo AntonioLa Importancia de la Eucaristía ante la Actitud de los Católicos que no Comulgan o los que Comulgan en Pecado Mortal2012
Mohamed, Abdulhakim Ali MuslihThe Poor and the Weak in the Holy Quran2007
Moharram, Ahmed FawzyThe Glorious Qur’an Perfecting Modern Civilization for Man2013
Moneyhun, William EdwardIs Io Really God? A study of the reciprocation of ideas and practices between the Maori and the Pakeha and what it means for cultural dialogue and understanding2013
Moore, Anthony E.From Here to There: A Study of an African American church in Transition (the Relocation of a Traditional Urban African American Congregation to the Suburbs)2005
Moreno, HectorThe Holy Eucharist: Objections and Doubts within and without Catholicism2003
Morsy, SafwatMuslims and coexistence with one another2013
Moussa, MohamedOne Step to a Unified Marriage and Divorce Process in Islamic Centers in the USA2010
Mursal, Abdigani FarahAl-Muhkam and Mutashabih Impact on the People of Aberration and Misguidance2015
Murtala, IbrahimQur’anic Guidance in Dealing with Evil Eye Jealousy and Sorcery2017
Mustapha, Sheik Kifah AnwarDivorce Procedures at American Islamic Centers: A Chicago Case Study2017
Nakkashieh, ShirinThe Reality of Marriage in Islam2012
Nguyen, Anh VanEucharist: An Essential Spirituality for Lay People to the Apostolate2007
Njokanma, Juliana NwadaFinding God in Suffering: A Theological Approach2011
Obeid, Bassam IbrahimAttributes of Islamic Personality2007
Okafor, Jude C.Christ in the Eucharist2013
Oleas Murillo, Clever SantiagoCurso Elemental Cristológico, Soteriológico y Mariológico para Comunidades de Fe2018
Orihuela Fernández, Marco AntonioConocimiento de la liturgia para su buen uso por parte de los ministros ordinarios2015
Osman, Ragab Zaky AhmedSpiritual Meanings and Educational Finishes from Surat Al-Fatiha (The Opening) 12011
Peters, H. MonteA Pastoral Theology for Priests Responding to Domestic Violence2004
Peláez Vargas, Wilson MarcialBienaventurados los pobres de espíritu porque de ellos es el Reino de Dios (Mt 5,3)2018
Portela, CarmenReto de la Inmigracion: Asimilacion vs. Integracion2007
Portela, Rafael A.Retos de la iniciacon Cristiana de Adultos en Arizona2007
Pyles, Jr., Daniel PylesDoes the Permanent Diaconate in the United States Reflect the Intentions of the Second Vatican Council?2015
Quinones-Murillo, Luis HernandoCreated in the Image of God: Considerations about the Dignity of the Human Person2006
Ragab, Nesrin Ahmed MontaserThe Self in Islam and Other Methodologies: An Analytical Study2016
Ramadan, Elsaid Saber AbdouAchieve Book the Islamist Articles for Abu al-Hasan al-Ash’ar2015
Ramirez de Leon, AntonioDevelopment of Spanish Language Institute for Ministries Program2006
Ramirez, SalvadorTheology and Bioethics2010
Ramos, JuanaLa Espiritualidad del Anciano Según el Magisterio de la Iglesia2010
Ramos Vásquez, VíctorYo he venido para que tengan vida y la tengan en abundancia: Reflexión sobre la vida a la luz de la Sagrada Escritura, los Santos Padres y el Magisterio de la iglesia desde una visión y la propia experiencia pastoral en la Prelatura de Moyobamba2018
Raslan, BayanCritical Issues in Islamic Law2012
Reynolds, Thomas M.Intrinsic Evil: A Catholic Perspective2012
Rivera Fernández, Francisco J.Punta de Lanza: Recuento Histórico Misioneros de Cristo Sacerdote2013
Rodas, VictorLa ingeniería genética como el desafío actual de la bióetica2010
Rodríguez Bermúdez, IsraelManifestación de Dios en el paciente de cáncer prostático2013
Salazar Llatas, OscarEl hombre creado a imagen de Dios2018
Samoura, IshackThe Role of Leaders in Building the American Islamic Society2016
Sargent-Day, ColleenAdministration as Ministry: Church Business Administration and its Theological Foundations2004
Saucedo, ValentinEl Diacono Hispano Para La Iglesia de Los Angeles: Icono de Jesus Servidor2008
Shaaban, El Shazli Abdel Monem El ShazliThe Virtuous Influence of the Masajed and their Attendants2012
Shahin, Oday OmarArgument with Atheism2011
Shahin, Omar AhmadA Refutation of the Authority in Islam Ibn Jaymiyyah Directed against Greek Logic Rational Explanation of the Holy Qur’an2006
Shahin, ShaimaWestern Media’s Coverage on Islam2012
Soliman, Moustafa Ismail Sayed AhmedThe Rules of Sunni People in Accusations of Disbelief2016
Springer, Enid CarmenThe Theology of Suffering: The Case of an AIDS Patient from Africa2012
St. Onge, TimothySilence Mysticism, Dialogical Dialogue and the Globalization of New consciousness2005
Tavarez, Jorge L. ValleEl Pecado Original y la Gracia2007
Van Dyke, CharlesDiaconate Formation in the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix: The Deacon Couple2008
Vazquez, LourdesEl Rol de la Familia en la Catequesis del Buen Pastor2007
Vergara Sanchez Aldana, Hector ManuelLos Consagrados, Guiados por Maria, a Imitacion de Cristo2009
Vlchek, DouglasToward a Theology for Stewardship in the Catholic Church in the United States2012
Waite, Brian K.Canonical Examinations in lieu of thesis (concentration Anglican Studies)2005
Wanly, Yosof WanlySatan in the Quran2016
Webbstock, Cynthia NanThe Church’s Dilemma2009
Zeba, Abdoul MouhaimineThe Necessity of Faith in the Education of the Individual and Society2018

Master of Tribunal Studies

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Blocher, C.S.B., James FrancisA Brief Survey of the Relationship Between the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Latin Catholic Church in the United States2012
Jones, Mary DomnicProcessing Petitions for Dissolution in Favor of the Faith: A Handbook for Tribunal Staff2013
Maldonado, S.S.C., CarmenCanonical Form of Marriage: History and Theology2014

Doctor of Mediation

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Ngo, Thang CongCanon Law and Ecclesial mediation in Regard to Marriage Tribunal2007
Pena, Mary ElizabethPublications in Mediation: Manual de Mediacion en Espanola; Mediationa and Culture from Around the World; Skills Enhancement Manual for New York Mediators: Video Mediacion y Comunidad2008
Slate Hodgson, Stephen E.Community Mediation in Nicaragua: In Search of a Culture of Peace2013
Steele, RalphConstructing a Cross-Cultural Conflict Coaching Program Utilizing the Hofstede Method2013
Tauhid, Syed ZiaIslamic Concept of Mediation and Labor-Management Relations: A Critical Analysis of Shari’a and Saudi Labor Laws from International Labor Organization and United Nations Perspectives2008

Doctor of Ministry

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Abel, Thomas CrawfordThe Domestic Church: An Historical/Sociological Perspective1991
Acevedo, JuanThe Evangelization of the Americas: Success or Failure2003
Adione, Joachim ChukwujekwuManifestation of God’s Love and Human Response: A Dimensional Approach2016
Agic, SenadA Century of the Bosnian Muslim Immigrant Experience in Chicago2004
Agu, Paschalis EjebuchiThe Missionary Impact on African Traditional Religion and Culture in Igo Tribe of Nigeria2009
Aguh, Reginald NnamdiThe Ethico-Religious Approach to Science in the Light of the Igbo of Nigeria2009
Ajagbe, Sylvester SundayMary and God’s People: A Pilgrim of Hope and Faith-an Analytical Documentary on the Call to Holiness2003
Alakot, Mathew P.To the Unknown God2007
Albert, Ronald L.Renewal: Paradigm to Paradigm1990
Aldrich, Kenneth D.Examination of the Contemporary Significance of Confirmation in the Episcopal Church Leading to the Development and Implementation of a Sponsor/Mentor Program of Confirmation Preparation1997
Aldrich, SharonLancaster Rereat, Fall 19961997
Allen, CSJ, Marcia S.Exploring the Spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph as a Spirituality for the Millennium Transition1997
Allen, John TaitMonasticism: Call or Symbol1988
Alley, Marguerite ColeFrom Fear to Faith: The Road from Jerusalem to Calvary2013
Almond, David A.At the Bishop’s Request2007
Alpert, Alison BrodyWhen a Buddha Sits Alone: Refuge and Solitary Practice2015
Amenzeh, AugustineThe Eucharist and Mass in Traditional Setting1989
Anandappa, MahendraBrief Therapy as applied to Marriage and Family Counseling1997
Anandappa, Mahendra“Sacrifice” in the Eucharist: A Historical and Biblical Understanding of it’s Emmergence and Meaning1998
Andersen, JeanneMercy Centered1991
Anderson, ChristopherExperiences in Liturgical Catechesis1990
Anderson, Gunnar L.Simple Songs for Church and Children1996
Anderson, Loretta KarrAn Echo of the Grand Story: The Creation of a Life Experience Center1994
Andreasen, Arno SteenPersonal Transformation and Spiritual Growth2003
Angevine, Jerry FrankImages and Strategies for Hoping1989
Aplet, Robin L.Spiritual Growth and Clinical Supervision: A Strategy of Pastoral Counseling in Clinical Pastoral Education1996
Aresto, FMS, VitoWorking with Groups of Underachievers: A Pastoral Counseling Approach1994
Armstrong, HaroldWhen the Pastor Sins: Portrait of a Church in Crisis1989
Arnold-McFarland, Antonia M.The Evolution of African American Worship: From Music Ministry to Music Industry, as Pursued by the Independent Gospel Artist (from the Thomas Dorsey to Kirk Franklin Era)2016
Asel, KennethLimited Joint Ministry between the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and that Portion within Its Boundaries of the Texas-Louisiana Synod of the Lutheran Church in America: A Proposal1986
Ashton, PaulRejoice in Hope: Finding Nourishing Streams in the Deserts of out Lives2005
Asta, Theodore WalterAn Ecumenical Service in Commemoration of St. Mary, Mother of our Lord1988
Atchison III, John L.Religious Faith and Depth Psychology2000
Atkins, Jr., Henry LeeA Pastoral Educational Anti-Racism Training Model for use by Christian Communities1992
Atkinson, Jr., Edward J.A Practical Guide for Conducting Teen Encounter Retreats1997
Austin, Jr., James G.Surviving Postmodern Culture: An Apologetic for the Local Church1998
Azah, Francis PerryToward the Wholeness of the Abused Children: Psycho-Pastoral Perspective, Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Ghanaian Society2012
Baker-Smith, GerrittA Reflective Journal: Journey of Faith1991
Bakke, Jeannette A.The Discernment Practices of Seminary Students who Elected to take a Course in Spiritual Direction1995
Baldwin, JackA Pastoral Model for Ministering to the Bereaved2005
Baldwin, Peter C.Consideration of Clergy as Counselor Within the Changing Health Service Delivers Systems of South Western Ontario1997
Ball, Thomas M.Clothed and in his Right Mind: A Four-fold Ministry of Spiritual Direction, Sexual Abuse Recover, Dissociative Identity Disorder Treatment and Prayer for Inner Healing of Memories…1999
Ballantine, RobertParakletos-A Bereavement ministry for the Local Church2004
Bancroft, Timothy AllanMystic Wholeness: Kernels of Ecumenical Knowledge1988
Baranowski, RSM, CeciliaThe Worker of the Future1998
Bardos, Gordon A.Celebrating Holy Week in the Small Parish1995
Barnes, SheilaSurprise! A Fundamental Element of Spiritual Life: A way to Experience God2005
Bartholomew, Martha Mary C.Tellers of Story, Keepers of Dream; Sourcing Riparian Myth-Our God Stories1992
Bartoletti, LaurieFamily: A Story of God’s Dream for the World1997
Bassett, AnnExodus: A Faith Trek2005
Bates, JillMinistry: Origins and Methods: A Theological Reflection1998
Battleson, Dale R.A Handbook for the Pastoral Care of the Elderly1989
Bauer, William R.The Development of a Pastoral Care Program in an Out-Patient Radiation Therapy Clinic1997
Baxer, Joseph J.Parish Reorganization: Building a Future with Hope1999
Bayhi, M. JefferyA comparative Theological View of the Streets of Calcutta1994
Beahm, Martha EllenAccompaniment towards Healing: A Holistic Approach in a Women’s Support Group Setting2008
Bean III, James T.A Day of Worship1997
Beaudoin, David MichaelCatechesis in Context: A Post-Baptismal Catechumenate1995
Beckett, DavidThe Spirituality of Conflict: Stories of Faith and Adventure in Alaska1999
Belair, Raymond WilliamA Fundamentally Scriptural Approach to Solving some Challenging Issues in R.C.I.A.2009
Bell, James EdwinSpiritual Development in the Local Congregation1988
Bellaire, Joanne M.A Very Special Relationship-IMPART-An Introduction to Pastoral Counseling1996
Bellingham, Deborah ElaineThe Mentored Life2006
Bena, David J.A Liturgical Encounter: The Lutheran-Episcopal Dialogue1986
Bennett, Bruce E.Catechesis of the people of God in the Internet Age2003
Bentz, RonaldRenewing the Church through Small Church Communities1999
Berg, James ChrisEnding Well: A Rite for the Dying from an Anglican Perspective1998
Bersin, Ruth H.The use of Spiritual Resources in Recovery from PTSD1994
Bertrand, Carol K.Introducing Spiritual Direction to Mental Health Professionals1992
Bevan, Charles Jr.Ministry to Ministers Program for the Episcopal and Lutheran Churches1986
Billy, D.Ss.R., Dennis J.Under the Starry Night: A Wayfarer’s Guide through an Uncertain World1999
Birmingham, AndrewA Journey without Distance1999
Bizaca, MateAn Interaction of a Choir in the Process of Ecclesio-Liturgical Adaptation of the Croation Immigrants1995
Black, Roy WillisA Model for Ministry in a Family Church1988
Blackwell, Larry L.The Theology of God-Esteem within the Spirit, Lifestyle, and Ministry of the Black Pentecostal Preacher2002
Blackwell-Eagleson, GuinnIt’s About Time1993
Blass, Virginia A.Becoming like the Beloved2004
Blick, W. ScottThe Wholeness of the Church1986
Blottner, William E.Doing Practical Theology in the Congregation: An Adult Christian Education Model Incorporating Congregational Studies1994
Bodrie, Paul D.A Lay Acting Pastor in a Roman Catholic Parish1995
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Doctor of Sacred Music

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Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Aamodt-Nelson, NormaChurch Teaching and the Visual Arts in the Middle Ages: Organ Interpretations – The Long March of the People of God2012
Amos, Rowland RichardComposition Project: Five Original Anthems Composed and Arranged by Rowland R. Amos2009
Asbury, Jason AllenCross-Cultural Encounters: Celebrating the Gifts of Global Christianity in North American Worship2010
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Doctor of Tribunal Studies

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Ahabyona, Titus WinyiBridewealth and the Canonical Validity of Marriage in Ugandan Societies2012

Doctor of Education

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Ali, Shaykh Abdul-LatifThe Admiral Family Circle Islamic Community2005
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Doctor of Psychology

Student NameProject TitleGraduation Date
Achibiri, Joachim ChinenyePsycho-Spiritual Dimension of Healthcare in Traditional Igbo Medicine2006
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Waldrop, Timothy L.The Christian Pastor as Religious Life Coach2018
Zayas, J. JonathanDeveloping a Lifestyle Model for Psychological and Spiritual Health: An Ethical and Psycho-Diagnostic Approach2005

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