Student Profiles

Rev. Ruth D. Walsh
Degree program: Doctor of Psychology
Rev. Ruth Walsh is a retired Marine officer, an Episcopal priest and a Supervisor, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).  She is also a mother and grandmother to two children; Allie age 11 and William age 5.  She is a recent graduate of the Logotherapy Practicum [July 2015] held at the beautiful Graduate Theological Foundation at the Dodge House in Mishawaka, Indiana.
As a Marine officer, she served in various capacities from Company Commander to Adjutant of Marine Helicopter Squadron One, the President’s helicopter squadron.  When she retired from the Marine Corps after twenty years, she graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia and was ordained a Priest in 1992. Her ministries over the last twenty years include being an Interim Rector in four different churches needing healing following traumas of leadership.  As a CPE director in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, she led their CPE program through the Accreditation process as directed by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education.  
“I appreciate the level of education that I received at the GTF.  As a psychology major, I studied Logotherapy, a meaning centered therapy by Dr.Viktor Frankl.  The professors, all leaders in their fields, critiqued my work as well as gave me weekly verbal encouragement. Dr. Ann Graber, Head of the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy, was a gift to me as she evaluated and affirmed my work as I prepared to become a Logotherapist.  I recommend GTF for mature ministers who wish to explore their interests which will enhance them intellectually, spiritually and heighten their abilities in their ministry.” 


Rev. Anthony L. Fludd 

Degree program: Doctor of Ministry in Health Care Ministries
Rev.  Anthony L. Fludd is the 2nd Administrative Assistant of the St. John’s Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in Newport News, Virginia, under the pastorate of the honorable Bishop Samuel L. Green, Jr., General Board Member Emeritus, Church of God in Christ, Inc.  Rev. Fludd currently serves as the church comptroller and as Chairman of the Trustee Board & Board Member of FFL Richer Life Television Ministries.  In the Virginia 2nd Jurisdiction COGIC, he serves as a Budget Committee Member, elected Executive Officer of the COGIC Virginia Second Jurisdiction Pastors & Elders Council and Director of the Jurisdictional Health and Advocacy Minister. He is also a member of the National Health Care Ministries Association.
Rev. Fludd is an experienced Hospital Administrator, a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Nursing Home Preceptor and a National Certified Investigator/Inspector. His extensive leadership background in the arena of health care administration, in addition to management consultation, has given him local, state and national responsibilities. He has served as past Executive Officer of the Tidewater District Virginia Health Care Association and past Chairman of the Virginia State Board of Nursing Home Administrators. Rev. Fludd is also a past member of the National Board of Health Care Administrators, the nation’s leading authority on licensing Regulatory Boards and Agencies responsible for licensure of long-term care administrators in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia.
Rev. Fludd received a B.S. in Health and Hospital Administration from Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, and a Master’s in Professional Studies – Health Care Administration, with an emphasis in hospital administration, from Long Island University, Greenvale, New York.
“It is at this time in my life that I am driven by experience and determination to fulfill a calling in my life which is one-step achievable through GTF’s doctoral program in ministry with specialization/emphasis in health care ministries.  I sincerely appreciate GTF‘s academic non-traditional approach and techniques, which encompasses writing, thinking and learning into one process. The one-on-one ongoing interactive communication with the Professors/Instructors who are experts in the field has added more than scholarly guidance and expression, but an opportunity to assess and reassess the ideas and concepts of what’s being taught. This leadership in instruction has made allowances to evaluate and reevaluate the overall course objectives expressed through logical arrangement of thoughts when put on paper. Every serious student who is concerned about his/her calling would appreciate GTF’s approach to learning; comparable to that of bible days when becoming a king, one is commanded to write, or have written a copy of the law which he is to read all the days of his life so that he may be pious, God-fearing and humble. I am humbled to be a doctoral student at GTF.”


Mr. William Moneyhun 

Degree program: Ph.D. in Theological Studies
Mr. William Moneyhun received his Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1978. His studies at Midwestern were highlighted by his selection for an intern program at Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University) for the 1976-77 academic year and his receipt of the Baker Book House Award in Theology at his graduation from Midwestern. He was employed by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company from 1978 to 2002. As a telephone company employee he administered employment tests, assisted retirees with their employee benefits, procured office equipment and supplies, taught in the education department, and worked as a design engineer. Mr. Moneyhun continued his studies at the Graduate Theological Foundation in 2010. In 2013, he completed his Master of Theology Degree and was that year’s recipient of The Clifford Geertz Prize in the Anthropology of Religion. Mr. Moneyhun is currently a member of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kennett, Missouri, where he serves occasionally as a substitute teacher in the Church Sunday School. He was accepted into the Foundation’s Ph.D. program in Theological Studies in 2013.
“The Foundation’s model of education, which allows for an accumulation of credits from various venues and study alternatives, has served me well. It has provided me with the flexibility to tailor a program of study around my own educational interests and needs. In accordance with the Foundation’s standards and with its prior approval, I have studied at the University of Oxford Theology Summer School, Oxford, United Kingdom; Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand; and The Center for Process Studies, Claremont, California. In addition, I have completed an independent study and participated in tutorial studies with the Foundation’s own faculty and the adjunct faculty of McKendree University, Lebanon, Illinois. The Foundation’s Dr. John H. Morgan serves as my advisor.”


Mr. Lawrell D. Arnold is an active church musician, organist, accompanist, and educator.  Church music has always been a part of his life from an early age.  Mr. Arnold is a graduate of Concordia College, Bronxville, New York (B.S., Music Education) where he studied organ and participated in the Church Work Service degree program earning his Lutheran Teacher Diploma and Minister of Religion certification.  Afterwards, he attended Teachers College, Columbia University (M.A., Music Education). 

Mr. Arnold is a very active member of the Rockland County Music Educators Association (New York) and a New York State certified teacher with almost 20 years teaching choral, general, and now instrumental music.  Mr. Arnold has been active in church music since his teenage years while growing up in the Lutheran church.  His training and experience as a music educator has helped his career as a church musician, but lately that role has increased.  For almost 10 years, Mr. Arnold has had the honor of being a church musician in the Episcopal Church, currently serving as Organist and Adult Choirmaster for Christ Episcopal Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  His capacity as a church musician has grown as his calling for service in the church becomes stronger and more focused.  When it came time to continue doctoral studies, GTF was the right decision.
“My GTF journey started in 2008 while looking at different schools and their programs.  I had GTF on the back burner for years.  I was already enrolled in a doctoral program since 2010, but I still felt it was not cultivating my growing needs as a church musician and educator.  God’s plans can be unexpected and I had to withdraw from my studies in 2013 due to my teaching position being eliminated.  For the next year, I missed the learning environment, but God had a plan.  As word came back that my position was reinstated, it was an article in the April 2014 newsletter of the United Church of Christ Musicians Association featuring GTF professor, Dr. Martha Sobaje, (“It’s Never Too Late: Pursuing a Doctorate”) that grabbed my attention and really opened my eyes, giving me the boost of encouragement that I needed.  The flexibility of coursework and the content of material covered in the Doctor of Sacred Music program not only matches what you would learn in the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ setting, the information I’m learning is extremely practical to my career as a church musician and educator.  With each completion of a course, I cannot wait until enrolling for my next area of study to enrich my experiences.  There is a level of excitement during my readings that is difficult to describe.  I feel connected with the texts and responses from the faculty, which help to define and reaffirm my role as a church musician.  This is a program that is the right fit of my time, talents, and my growing role of service in church music.  I couldn’t be happier knowing I made the right choice.” 


 Mr. Alex Gotay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Child Psychology from the University of Houston – Downtown as well as a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from the University of St. Thomas and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  He is an official Catechist for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese where he works. He holds graduate hours toward another Master’s Degree in Counseling, graduate hours toward a Graduate Certificate in OT Biblical Theology, and has 15 years’ experience working with teens in various Youth Ministries.  Mr. Gotay holds certifications in both Youth and Adult Ministry in his Roman Catholic tradition.  
As popular culture increasingly waves the banner of hedonism, nihilism, etc., the odds of a Puerto Rican Catholic male speaking of monogamy, contentment, the heart’s journey to God, and other areas of faith, making a mark in the culture seems slim. Yet, with the emphasis on the “New Evangelization” it is necessary that the entire culture be infused, or redeemed, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Mr. Gotay uses the culture that he grew up in, the hip hop and pop culture, in his talks to communicate the Catholic faith. What began as a way to reach the youth in nearby neighborhoods, juvenile detention centers, boys’ homes, youth groups, ecclesial gatherings (churches), etc, through talks and presentations, eventually led Mr. Gotay to the position that he is in now, a full-time youth minister of many years’ experience working with teens and speaker to help promote the gospel message. His background and life events allow him to reach teens and young adults in a unique manner that each can align with. His desire is that teens and young adults recognize the deep truths found in the Church; this would not only impact their lives but serve as a catalyst to start their own relationship with Christ. 

“I have been able to do many college hours online through the years and I absolutely love it.  Working full-time in ministry, family, etc. made it really hard to find a Doctorate program that will fit into my busy schedule.  When I found GTF I was so extremely happy!  The program is amazing and the instructors are absolutely wonderful! I am hoping to apply this newfound knowledge all throughout the many churches who are losing youth and young adults!!!” 


Chaplain Kristoph Franz Dobrowolski began his professional career as a recording artist and an actor. After a powerful spiritual awakening in Europe, he sold everything he had and went off to become a Catholic Franciscan Priest. It became clear during his novitiate, however, that he was indeed being called to serve, but not as a celibate. Chaplain Dobrowolski became a Third Order Franciscan, married, and went on to study. After earning a B.A. in Religious Studies and B.Ed. from the University of Winnipeg, he completed a Masters Degree in Theology from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. Following several years of counselling and preaching in full-time retreat ministry, he enrolled as a student in the Doctor of Ministry program for a few years at the University of Alberta, but instead of writing a dissertation on retreat ministry, he withdrew from the program to focus on the actual building and founding of a new spiritual retreat (Sanctum Retreat) for which he received an honorary Ph.D.  With over 20 years of retreat ministry experience, Chaplain Dobrowolski has also acted as Dean of Religion at St. Mary’s, as well as Director of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Calgary.  A composer and recording artist as well, he uses his musical gifts to produce recordings designed to help one in spiritual growth (with 45,000 sold). While continuing as Founder and Executive Director of Sanctum Retreat and Foundation (a registered charity), Chaplain Dobrowolski is also doctoral student in the psychology program at GTF.    

“I am deeply grateful for the flexibility of the GTF format, which allows me to continue with my ministry while I study.  Further, the opportunity to complete my Ph.D. afforded through GTF’s affiliation with Oxford, including the access to exceptional resources and world-class professors, is second to none.” 


Mr. Lou Storey began his career in social work in the mid-1970s as a counselor in the Mercy Home for Abused and Abandoned Children in Brooklyn, New York. In the following decade he earned advanced degrees in education and fine art from Pratt Institute and transitioned to working within the realm of museums and educational institutions. Mr. Storey built a successful business organizing and designing idea-based public exhibitions. Clientele list includes the Louvre Museum, Israeli Antiquities Authority, The British Museum and Library, The Library of Congress and the National Library of Medicine, along with a number of other national and international organizations. In 2004 his career efforts were honored when he received the National Award of Excellence from the American Association of Museums. At this point in his life, reading Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he strongly felt the need to be more directly of service to others. Retiring from his career, Mr. Storey earned a Master of Social Work degree from Monmouth University, focusing his efforts on guardianship of human rights in relation to arts advocacy and mental health. He is both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC). 

“The teachings, techniques and philosophy of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy are the core of my psychotherapy practice. In particular, Frankl’s recognition of the central importance of the human spirit, an aspect of our existence that current psychological pedagogy largely ignores or denies. The promotion of this teaching is my ministry within my psychotherapy practice. GTF’s Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy distance learning program provided the perfect opportunity to continue my studies with an extraordinary array of accomplished instructors, most of whom I would have ordinarily been unable to work with given their geographical range. My studies toward earning a doctorate of psychology culminated in a five-day intensive Practicum at GTF, providing a valuable opportunity for bringing together an interesting and eclectic group of professionals to review and discuss theories, philosophies, and types of psychological practice, all of which reflected our collective studies in the GTF course offerings.”


Mrs. Marcelline Perry earned a Masters degree in Pastoral Theology from Saint Mary of the Woods College. Her Roman Catholic ministerial experiences span several decades, as a former certified youth minister, director of religious education and most recently a high school scripture teacher. Concerns over dwindling numbers, church closures and mergers, and the dynamics surrounding these changes, fostered a need to seek out solutions as well as a new calling.  The D.Min. in Pastoral Planning and Church Management courses offered at GTF were the answers she “had been praying for.”  

“I was apprehensive initially about online academia, having little experience outside a traditional educational setting. However, my choice to attend GTF has been a good one. My professor, Dr. Couturier, is a phenomenal instructor, and the online format is convenient for my current lifestyle. It is my hope to share my newfound knowledge with churches that struggle to survive in a changing world.” 


Rev. Linda Perkins McRae entered into the gospel ministry under the leadership of Pastors John and Pansy Young and served along with her husband, Reverend Ronald Lee McRae, as Assistant Pastors at Christian Faith Center until they were called to Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church. She served in leadership for three years under the tutelage of Bishop Sheldon McCarter and Co-Pastor Joyce McCarter. Reverend McRae has served at Little Salem Christian Church in Reidsville, NC for the past twelve years. Rev. Linda has faithfully served with her husband in ministry as co-pastor providing leadership and guidance to the congregation.

Co-Pastor McRae completed a B.A. degree in Business Administration at Winston-Salem State University. She completed a Masters of Divinity from Wake Forest University Divinity School in 2003 and a Masters in Social Work from NC A&T & UNC-Greensboro in 2007. Co-Pastor McRae is a board certified chaplain and a provisionally licensed clinical social worker. She has served as a clinical chaplain with the Salisbury Veteran’s Administration Medical Center and is currently the clinical supervisor for Region 3 Treatment Accountabilities for Safer Communities (TASC), an affiliate of Partnership for a Drug-free North Carolina. Co-Pastor McRae is pursing a clinical practice providing health, healing and mental health and substance abuse treatment to members of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County community.

“The Doctor of Psychology degree will further prepare me to provide professional, licensed, clinical care to my community diagnosing and treating various mental and substance abuse disorders by providing psychological evaluations and psychotherapy.”

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