Thesis List

This is a partial list of thesis titles of GTF graduates of academic doctoral programs (Ph.D. and Th.D.). This list includes the student’s name, title of the thesis, year of defense, and degree earned.

  • Church History
  • Hispanic Ministries
  • Islamic Studies
  • Information Sciences
  • Music and Liturgy
  • Mediation
  • Pastoral Studies
  • Scripture
  • Theology and Spirituality

Church History

Student NameDissertation TitleYear of DefenseDegree
Allen, J. TimothyA Man of Some Means: Ambitous Values, Evangelical Theology, and Reverend James O’Kelly2004Ph.D.
Bush, Josephine R.Eucharist: The Continuity of Catholic Teaching Between the Early Church Fathers and Early 21st Century Magisterium2005Ph.D.
Carroll, SheilaBrigit of Ireland: She Could Hang Her Cloak on a Sunbeam1994Ph.D.
Daubert, David DennisonThe Historic Episcopate for North American Lutherans: Lessons from Tanzania in a Historical Context2000Ph.D.
Duffy, Edward F.The Toura Papyrus of Didymus the Blind’s Commentary on Job: An Original Translation with Introduction and Commentary2002Ph.D.
Gittens, Peter WinstonMary More or Less: A Study of the Anglican and Catholic Mariology of John Henry Newman in Nineteenth Centrury England2007Ph.D.
Gonia, Raymond L.The Patristic Era Church Fathers and Healing: An Examination of the Homilies of Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Augustine, and Saint Gregory the Great Dealing with the Concept of Healing by their Use of Sacred Scripture2011Th.D.
Hill, Jesse DavidBeyond Soup, Soap, and Salvation: American Indian Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 1988-20012008Ph.D.
Hoskins, StevenOut of All Proportion with the Smallness of Their Numbers: The Continuing Influence of the Anglican Nonjurors2010Ph.D.
Lee, Richard GeorgeThe First Great Awakening and its Influence on the Religious, Social, and Governmental Systems of Early America Leading to the American Revolution2012Ph.D.
Leong, Francis J.The Mission Vision of Father Bernard Francis Meyer: The Promotion of the Laity2000Ph.D.
MacDonald, David R.The Transit of the Anglican Mind the the Maryland Colony: Thomas Bray and the Bray Libraries of Christ of Church Durham2006Ph.D.
Mathew, John TheckekolathuMessianic Sannithyam of Malankara Mar Thoma Ezharappallikal: A Paradigmatic Pre-Christendom Christus Praesens2007Th.D.
McConkey, David BentonBishop Michael Bolton Furse (1870-1955) and the Waning of the “Catholic Moment” in Anglicanism2008Ph.D.
Meehan, Maureen A.The Historical and Biblical Aspect of the Priesthood of Christ in and Through the Church History2000Ph.D.
Olson, Joseph W.Jesuit Inculturation in the New World: Experiments in Missions of 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries2007Ph.D.
Raab, Klaus W.A Study of Leichenpredigten in Jena, Germany, During the Period from 1580 to 16301996Ph.D.
Richardson, Delores F.The History of the Seventh Episcopal District2004Ph.D.
Sánchez, SusanaLibertos Norteamericanos en Quisqueya: Historia de Fe, Abandono y Redención de una Negritud Atrapada 1776-18892011Ph.D.
Spragin, Ore LeeA Historical Analysis of Faithfulness to the Doctrine of Doing Good: From John Wesley to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in the 21st Century2010Th.D.
Staggs, John H.St. Francis of Assisi and his Understanding of the Cross2003Ph.D.

Hispanic Ministries

Student NameDissertation TitleYear of DefenseDegree
Acevedo Nieves, Juan A.El Piloto y el Neomaltusianismo en Puerto Rico2002Ph.D.
Agosto González, FranciscoDilema moral sobre el uso científico y terapeútico de las células troncales embrionarias humanas2009Ph.D.
Casanova-Ramos, FernandoPneumatology of Liberation: Attention to the Risk of Immanentism in the Latin American Theology of Liberation2002Ph.D.
Colón Torres, Radamés O.Teología de la comunicación2017Ph.D.
Hernandez, Ana IvetteEvangelizacion de las Americas Exito O Fracaso2003Ph.D.
Portela, CarmenRetos de la inmigración y de la inculturación: Integración vs asimilación De huéspedes a anfitriones2009Ph.D.
Portela, Rafael A.Teología antropológica de la iniciación sacramental: Desafíos de la iniciación Cristiana de adultos en Arizona2009Ph.D.
Ramos-Santiago, Ernesto A.Sor Isolina María Ferré: Misionera, evangelizadora y profetisa2009Ph.D.
Rodas, MauroMary in the Modern Church: Her Human Condition Changing the Life of a Hispanic Community in Indianapolis, Indiana1999Ph.D.
Rojas Banuchi, Pablo E.Preparándonos para la Vida Eterna: Vida Cristiana y Espiritualidad en Juan Calvino2010Ph.D.
Sánchez, SusanaLibertos Norteamericanos en Quisqueya: Historia de Fe, Abandono y Redención de una Negritud Atrapada 1776-18892011Ph.D.
Vera-Méndez, Juan A.Hacia una pastoral puertoriqueña y ecuménica, comprometida con la esperanza, la libertad y la justicia social2009Ph.D.

Islamic Studies 

Student NameDissertation TitleYear of DefenseDegree
Abadalla, Ahmad AbadalghafarThe Relationship Between Religion and Politics2008Ph.D.
Abdelsatar, Mohamed Moustafa Mohamed AnwarPrinciples of Globalization and Flexibility in the Islamic Shari’ah2017Ph.D.
Abdin, AzizRenewal and Reform in Understanding Religious Texts: A Necessity for Solving the Current Crisis (Qran and Sonah)2008Ph.D.
Abdulkadir, Ahmed MoallimThe History of Somalian Movements2015Ph.D.
Abdul-Malik, IbrahimPrayer in Islam: A Guide for Beginning Muslims, an Introduction for Non-Muslims2006Ph.D.
Abdul-Malik, IbrahimPrayer in Islam: A Guide for Beginning Muslims, an Introduction for Non-Muslims2006Ph.D.
Abuelyaman, Eltayeb SalihPeaks of Fiqh, the Noblest of All Sciences2006Ph.D.
Agic, SenadImmigration, Assimilation and Community Building: The Bosnian Experience in North America2016Ph.D.
Ahmad, Abdirahman Sheikh OmarChristianization Conferences of the Muslim World2013Ph.D.
Ahmed, Yaser M.Creedal Matters Related to Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) as In Quran and Sunnah2014Ph.D.
Alayobi, Maaly AlddinThe Concepts and Purposes of Sharia Law2012Ph.D.
Al-Ayoubi, RaniaHumanitarian in Islam2013Ph.D.
Ali, Magdy KamelModels of Contemporary Islamic Financial Transactions and Controls Legitimacy2013Ph.D.
Al Mofachi, M. BashirInheritance in Islam according to the four Feqeh schools2011Ph.D.
Alraee, Mohammad YounusThe Pilgrimage and its Effect on Establishing the Muslim’s Manners2013Ph.D.
Alsafty, MahmoudCodification of the Crimes and Punishment in Islam2014Ph.D.
Al-Shehabi, YousefThe Path to World Peace2015Ph.D.
Alshorman, Shady MohammedQuaranic Guidance in Dealing with the People of the Book2013Ph.D.
Altabaa, Mohamad SamerThe Methods of Quran in Guiding People2015Ph.D.
Assi, KhalilThe Importance of Strategic Planning for Islamic Institutions in Scandinavia2018Ph.D.
Atif, SaidThe Decisive Say in What is Forbidden in the Peoples of the Book Food and What is Lawful2015Ph.D.
Ayoub, AbedThe Islamic Perspective on Relief and International Development2012Ph.D.
Baltaji, Toufik OmarThe Rules and Instruction for Perfect Arabic Grammar2011Ph.D.
Bayian, Zamzam SalihSûrah Maryam: Analytical Interpretations and Reflections2018Ph.D.
Bayoun, ImadBelief and the Human Mind2015Ph.D.
Basyouni, WaleedIbn Taymiyya’s Theory of “Shared Meaning” and “Overlapping Relation” in the Diving Names and Attributes2007Ph.D.
Ceman, SabahudinFeqeh Islamic Issues Among Bosniak Communities in the West2017Ph.D.
Daher, GhadaHajj and Omra Affairs from the Quran and Sunna2011Ph.D.
Dawlatzai, Marzia HashemWomen in Islam: Evident Facts and Baseless Doubts2008Ph.D.
Elbasuni, Abdelsalam ElsayedIn the Shade of the Throne of the Most Merciful2016Ph.D.
Elbadawi, Taher KamalPreparing Islamic Advocate for Western Societies2011Ph.D.
Eldegwy, SaadImam Muslim Methodology2013Ph.D.
Elmagbari, Omar MussaRearing Muslim Youth in the United States of America2011Ph.D.
Elshikh, Ismail MohamedFoundations of the Muslim Family2008Ph.D.
Ervondy, DoddyThe Islamic Engineering Science: Past, Present, and Prospect2005Ph.D.
Gehan, Ebrahim Kamel MohamedNodal and Moral Side in Dialog Jaafar (may Allah be pleased with him) with Al-Negashi (Negus)2013Ph.D.
Gewida, Saad AbdelhamidMuslim Schools and Raising Youth: Between Hope and Reality2016Ph.D.
Ghoneim, WagdyThe Divine Shari’a and Humanized Democracy2008Ph.D.
Hajahbo, MaiadaSecurity Linguistics and Islamic Identity2016Ph.D.
Hasan, Mohamed Salah Omar MohamedThe Islamic Ruling on the Protests of the Arab Spring2011Ph.D.
Hassan, Mohamed IbraheemPriorities of Dawa discourse in current stage2013Ph.D.
Hassan, Mohammed A.Quran Interpretations: Thoughts and History2011Ph.D.
Hassanin, Saad Eldin M.K.R.The Effects of the Prophet’s Surrah on Reforming Individual and Family in Islam2009Ph.D.
Irhabi, Irhabi Mohamed YounesCare for the Elderly as a Civilization Value in the Prophetic Sunna2013Ph.D.
Jaber, Hana TalebRaising Muslim Youth in the West: An Islamic Approach2014Ph.D.
Jama, Khadar OmarThe Abortion: Its Causes and Rulings within the Scope of Islamic Law2014Ph.D.
Kamel, Moustafa Soliman MohamedThe Jurisprudence of Separation and Divorce2015Ph.D.
Karajouli, Andera AdnanRenovation in Islamic Thought2013Ph.D.
Kariye, Mohamed Sheikh AbdirahmanThe Western Interpretation of Islam: Comparing to the Four Schools of Fiqh2015Ph.D.
Kazanci, MuratBeing in Contemporary Islamic Thought: The Case of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi2017Ph.D.
Khatib, Naser Abdel-LatifJihad in Islam versus Terrorism2011Ph.D.
Khater, MohamadJihad and Terrorism: An Islamic Perspective2018Ph.D.
Kukiqi, Tahir M.The Influence of the Islamic Faith in Preserving the Islamic Identity of the Albanian People2014Ph.D.
Mardeni, Abdul RahimScientific Miracles in the Qur’an and Sunnah2012Ph.D.
Meneese, Waleed EdressMethodology of Sighting the Crescent Moon in Islamic Jurisprudence2007Ph.D.
Mohamed, Abdulhakim Ali MuslihTelevision’s Impact on Dawa’a2009Ph.D.
Mohamed, Widad AhmedChallenges and Strategies for Islamic School Principals in the USA2017Ph.D.
Mohamud, Mohamed Mohamed;/td>Methodology of Preacher to Allah in Changing the Nation2017Ph.D.
Morsy Mahgoob, Safwat AliThe Islamic Discourse and the Changing Reality2014Ph.D.
Moussa, MohamedSocial Relationships in the Light of Nissa Chapter2012Ph.D.
Musri, Muhammad E.Islamic Banking in the U.S.A.2013Ph.D.
Nakkashieh, ShirinThe Focus on Righteous People: Omar Ibn Alkhatab before Islam and after2013Ph.D.
Negm, IbrahimThe Implications of Developing Interfaith Understanding via the Exploration of Christianity and the Study of Abraham in the Qur’an and the Bible as Experienced in one Muslim Congregation2005Ph.D.
Obeid, Bassam IbrahimThe Chapter of Yusuf (pbuh) in Light of Narrative Discourse and Critical Analysis2009Ph.D.
Osman, Ragab Zaky AhmedThe Spiritual Emptiness: Causes and Treatment from an Islamic Perspective (Comparative Study)2012Ph.D.
Qadri, Hafiz Haqqani MianA Study of the Holy Qur’an and Anecdotal References of Women in the Circumstances of the Revelations2012Ph.D.
Raslan, BayanModeration in the Qur’an2013Ph.D.
Redzic, MuazThe Prophets and Their Wives: Gender Studies in the Qur’an2010Ph.D.
Said, YousefNarrations of Yahya Bin Aby Amr Alsaybani: Collection, Documentation and Study2011Ph.D.
Salie, AchmatSharia-centric Hermeneutics2017Ph.D.
Shahin, OdayThe Muslim Community in the USA: Challenges and Ambitions2013Ph.D.
Shahin, Omar AhmadThe Islamic Law of Inheritance2007Ph.D.
Sheikh, Zia Ul-HaqueA Detailed Comparison between Traditional Islamic and Modern Management Practices2011Ph.D.
Siddiqi, MohammadThe Interpretations of the Commandment Verses of the Holy Quran-Surat2014Ph.D.
Siddiqi, MohammadShibliThe Gift of the Prayer According to Hanafi School of Thought in the Light of the Sunna of Prophet PBUH2015Ph.D.
Siddiqi, Shaikh ShamsularifeenThe Interpretations of the Commandment Verses of the Holy Quran-Surat Al-Fatihah & Surah Al-Baqarah2014Ph.D.
Vardar, ZurkaniAdam (a.s.) the Father of Mankind between Qur’an and Bible: Similarities and Differences2013Ph.D.
Wanly, Yosof MozafarAnalyzing the Questionable Transmitters of the Sahih Corpus2017Ph.D.
Yahya, NabeelChildren’s Rights in Divine Religious and Man-Made Religious Doctrines from an Islamic Perspective2012Ph.D.

Information Sciences 

Student NameDissertation TitleYear of DefenseDegree
Grant, Jennifer FedaExamining Factors Influencing Nontraditional Student Work Performance2012Ph.D.
Khan, Mohammed A.S.Application of Knowledge Management in Library Settings2007Ph.D.
Neal, Richard StevenAspects of the Setting that Involves Students in the Problem Solving Competition2010Ph.D.
Osinubi, OlufemiInformation Security and Risk Management: A Case Study of Insider Threats2018Ph.D.
Tucker, Dennis C.The Sutomation of Congregational Libraries: Pertinent Issues2002Ph.D.

Music and Liturgy 

Student NameDissertation TitleYear of DefenseDegree
Barber III, Philip E.Gifts and Creatures: The Reformation Doctorine of the Eucharistic Presence Exhibited in the Anglican Liturgy of the Lords Supper2005Ph.D.
Basker, Jacqueline TaylorThe Significance of the Cloud as a Symbol in Early Christian Art: A Case Study of the Mosaics of Sts. Cosmas and Damian in Rome2004Ph.D.
Bustamante, Francisco R.Sensing the Sacred: Roots Rituals, Rhythms, Responses1996Ph.D.
Davis, Robert JonathanA Theology of Image and the Impact on the Use of Technology and Media in Liturgical Christian Worship2013Ph.D.
Kirby, Marc DanielThe Proper Chants of the Paschal Triduum in the Graduale Romanum: A Study in Liturgial Theology2002Ph.D.
MacArthur, Charles PatrickThe Artist as Tehologian: A Visual Exploration of Religious Symolism with a Concluding Chapter on the Work and Thought of Pieter Bruegel the Elder2001Ph.D.
Plummer, John PaulThe Many Paths of the Independent Sacramental Movement: A National Study of its Liturgy, Doctrine, and Leadership2005Ph.D.
Roussakis, Peter E.Confessing the Compendium: Praying the Lord’s Prayer as Confessing Faith1998Ph.D.
Schwab, Betty LynnIs our God too Pale: Contemporary Christian Worship in a Multi-Faith World2004Ph.D.
Smith-Criddle, Linda CorcoranRitual, Religion, and Ronald: The Power of the Liturgical in the Church and Marketplace2000Ph.D.
Swiss, Thomas MichaelSacramental Anointing of the Sick, A Post-Modern Analysis: A Rite/Right of the Laity?2001Ph.D.
Thomas, L. EverettListening to Artists: A Source Book on the Creative Process1998Ph.D.


Student NameDissertation TitleYear of DefenseDegree
Kagere, Guy MsafiriThe Role of the Catholic Church in Mediation of Armed Conflicts in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo2017Ph.D.
Hope, Mary KendallJudging Mediation: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Mediation Programs in North Carolina from the Perspective of Select District Court Judges2006Ph.D.
Ugoh, Laserian NdubisiThe Arab Spring: Mediation and Peaceful Political Transition2012Ph.D.
Ibeh, Valentine U.Mediation and Igba-Ndu: An Igbo Concept of Conflict Transformation and Sustainable Peace2016Ph.D.

Pastoral Studies

Student NameDissertation TitleYear of DefenseDegree
Abasilim, Maurice O.Pastoral Understanding and Application of the Sacrament of Healing: Anointing of the Sick2016Ph.D.
Addison, Howard A.The Enneagram and Kabbalah: Reading Your Soul2000Ph.D.
Ahanotu, Leonard UgonnaNavigating between Cultures: Pastoral-psychological preparation of Nigerian priests on U.S. mission2018Ph.D.
Akin-Otiko, PeterIntegrating the Personality Theories of Analytical Psychology into the Process of the Assessment of Suitability for Ecclesiastical Office in the Catholic Church in Nigeria2014Ph.D.
Akpunonu, Raymond ChidumZero Tolerance: The Fate of the Roman Catholic Clergy and Pastoral Care of the Accused2012Ph.D.
Alicea Padilla, ArcadioLa percepción y la práctica de la santidad social en la región norte I y II en la iglesia metodista de Puerto Rico2012Ph.D.
Alkanat, OzgeObserved Level of Differentiation of Self, Boundary Flexibility and Triangulation Formations in Turkish Families Receiving Systemic Family Therapy2013Ph.D.
Al-Shehabi, YousefThe Path to World Peace2015Ph.D.
Anarado, Ethel AneneEducation and Human Development: Factors Militating Against Education in Nigeria2017Ph.D.
Anderson, Douglas JoeBetwixt and Between – A Metaxological Theory of Culture for Praxis in the Anthropology of Religion2015Ph.D.
Andueza Jaunsaras, AlfredTeologi a Del Cuerpo y de la Sexualidad en las Catequesis de Juan Pablo II2004Ph.D.
Angus, Joslyn L.The Impact of Pan-African Immigrants on the Christian Church in the United States of America1998Ph.D.
Archibong, Cosmas P.Transforming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder into Post Traumatic Growth: Through Viktor Frankl’s Meaning-Centered Counseling2013Ph.D.
Ardley, Evan LloydThrought the Eye of a Needle2001Ph.D.
Arockiaraj, Inniah Christy ThambusamyTranscendence as a Source of Resilience in Coping with Depression2013Ph.D.
Baez, Wilfredo J.Modeling on Jesus of Nazareth as a Preacher: Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Strategies from Neuro-Linguistic Psychology for Becoming a More Effective Preacher2013Ph.D.
Bailey, Emmanuel F.Caring for Those who Grieve: Practical Dimensions of the Role of Grief Ministry for Pastors and Other Caring Persons2006Ph.D.
Bain, Elaine MargaretThe Effectiveness of a School Based Psychotherapy Program on Inner-City High School Students2010Ph.D.
Ballantyne, Sharon LorieAcceptance: Paths toward Healing and Wholeness through Vulnerability, Loss and Brokenness2012Ph.D.
Battle, Valencia JuliaDepression and Quality of Life among African American and Non-African American Women Breast Cancer Survivors in the United States2018Ph.D.
Baxer, Joseph J.Robert Vachon, Humanist: A Journey Toward an Intercultural Way of Life2004Ph.D.
Bersin, Ruth H.Community-based Resettlement: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Asylees Rebuild their Lives with the Help of Congregations and Community2008Ph.D.
Boudreau, Richard GeorgeJustification and Feasibility for Incorporating Bioethics Education into USA Secondary Secular School Curriculums2011Ph.D.
Boylan, Martin M.The Presumption is Love1996Ph.D.
Brewer, Guy RobinPoet-Gardener: A Soul Care Model for Preaching2009Ph.D.
Bropleh, Rudolph MonsioThe Microeconomics of Church Ministry: Analyzing the Production Process of Churches in Various Contexts and Traditions2013Ph.D.
Bunson, Matthew E.Pope Francis2014Ph.D.
Burriss II, George B.The Law of Attraction: From the Kingdom and Will of God to Quantum Physics and New Science2007Ph.D.
Burroughs, Janice SmithLonergan’s General Empirical Method How We Come to Know: An Invitation to Teachers and Learners in the Classroom2015Ph.D.
Caron, Judith A.Euthanasia as a Vision of Wellness: An Ethical Reshaping of the Dying and Death Process1998Ph.D.
Carr, Michael LeoThe Psychological Importance of the Spiritual in the Recovery Process of the PTSD Vietnam Veteran1996Ph.D.
Chan, Henry AlbertLeadership1994Ph.D.
Chigbo, Kenneth OkeyThe Unheard Cry of the Igbo People: A Study of Meaning in Abraham Joshua Heschel2008Ph.D.
Christian, William E.Clergy Health and Congregational Wellness: A Partnership for Wellbeing2008Ph.D.
Coombs, Marie TheresaMystery Hidden Yet Revealed1996Ph.D.
Couturier, David B.Formation for the Fraternal Economy in the Capuchin-Franciscan Order: A Psychological Analysis2005Ph.D.
Dale, Diana C.Corporate Chaplaincy in the 21st Century: Building Models of Collaboration for Organizational Transformation2011Ph.D.
DelGado, Michael A.The Lakota Heart: A Gift for Seven Generations2002Ph.D.
Devereaux, Thomas W.Discerning the Stages of Moral Development2007Ph.D.
Dezelic, Marie S.Meaning-Centered and Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy: Based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy – Applicable across Clinical Settings2013Ph.D.
Dietsch, NancySoul Reintegration for Post Traumatic Growth: A Meaning-Centered Approach to Healing through Logotherapy Lived2014Ph.D.
Dowling, Jerome PaulThe Psychology of Presbyter; The Context of the Presbyter; A Call to Spiritual Direction1997Ph.D.
Duncan-Probe, DeDeThrough a Prism: Looking through Fourteenth Century Women’s Devotional Writings to Reveal “The Cloud of Unknowing”2013Ph.D.
Dvorscak, JamesOrganization Development in a Local Catholic Parish1999Ph.D.
Egbeji, Jude C.Clergy – Laity Conflicts in Parish Settings in Igboland: Strategies towards Resolution and Management2012Ph.D.
Ellerby, Jonathan H.Indigenous Integrative Phenomenology: Integrating Indigenous Epistemologies in Traditional Healing Research2007Ph.D.
Ely, Elizabeth WickenbergA Manual for Eucharistic Visitors2013Ph.D.
Enelichi, Alphonsus IfeanyichukwuThe Laity as Agents of Reconciliation and Social Transformation in Africa: A Case Study on the Laity Council of Nigeria2013Ph.D.
Ettlinger, EugeneSix Sigma Zero-Loss of Quality Health2012Ph.D.
Ezeh, Christopher OsitaHealing in the Pastoral Duties of Catholic Priests with Special Emphasis on their Eucharistic Healing Ministry2014Ph.D.
Faith, TristanWhat is the Efficacy of Regression Therapy in Healing Trauma?2012Ph.D.
Foster, Randal ArthurIntegrating Spirituality and Psychology in Vocational Discernment: Selected Psychospiritual Factors and their Effect on the Career Decision-Making Process2008Ph.D.
Frederich, Kristin AliceSoul Tender: Developing Renewable Resources for Health and Longevity in Ministry for Spiritual Leaders in View of the History and Contemporary Transformation of these Roles2012Ph.D.
Galarza Sierra, JaimeVisión y Análisis de una Teología Práctica Puertorriqueña y su Impacto en la Pastoral Social Communitaria2014Ph.D.
Galeano, John J.The Eucharist; Fountain of Liturgy2013Ph.D.
Garces-Torres, Gilberto GoenLa Mision Ad-Gentes de la Iglesia y el Anuncio del Kerygma a la Cultura Bambara de Mali-Africa Occidental2006Th.D.
Gilbert, Richard B.Healing the Holy Helpers: Healthy Clergy for the Third Millennium2003Ph.D.
Glisson, WilliamA Dialectic-Humanitarian Discussion on the Transformation on Humanity2004Ph.D.
Gorman, William AnthonySuffering and Relationship: Pastoral Perspectives on Vietnam Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder2000Ph.D.
Graber, Ann V.Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy: Method of Choice in Ecumenical Pastoral Psychology2002Ph.D.
Gutiérrez Herrera, HayrEscatologia en Puerto Rico: Los Cuadernos del Instituto Diocesano de Pastoral de Mayagüez2007Ph.D.
Hayden, Joanne S.Are Elders in Residential Care Concerned About how Much They Spend Their Day?2001Ph.D.
Hernandez, Robert C.An Approach to Counseling Through Pastoral Psychology to Enable a low Self-Concept Individual to Become a High Self-Esteem Person2005Ph.D.
Holton, Anne M.A Liberating Spirituality for Religious Educators2000Ph.D.
Horton, Mark A.Emerging Adulthood and the Search for Meaning: A Franklian Perspective2014Ph.D.
Houston, JeanJump Time2003Ph.D.
Ignatius, Charles ManiThe Agony and Ecstasy of Dying: Intervention of Caregivers2017Ph.D.
Igwe, Paschal ChikaneleThe Cosmological and Spiritual Perceptions of Suffering in African Culture2010Ph.D.
Igwilo, Peter C.Examination of Factors Impeding Significant Reduction in Spousal Violence in Southeastern Nigeria: Pastoral Psychology Approach2009Ph.D.
Ike, AnthonyJesus, Logotherapy & Igbo Worldview: Search for Meaning2018Ph.D.
Imo, Cletus ChukwudiThe Ministry of the Shepherd and the Church in Africa (A Cognitive Insight into the Pastoral Priorities of the Priest)2012Ph.D.
Iromenu, AnthonyConflict and Dispute Resolution: The Case for Igbo Culture of Nigeria2013Ph.D.
Iwuji, Raymond NduchijiokeAlleviating the Traumatic Effects of Death and the Consequent Grief for the Bereaved through Communal Support and Rituals (the Igbo-African Perspective)2012Ph.D.
Jama, Khadar OmarThe Abortion: Its Causes and Rulings within the Scope of Islamic Law2014Ph.D.
Jaramillo, LeonardoAnalisis del desarollo de las vocaciones sacerdotales en Colombia y sus motivaciones prevalentes2008Ph.D.
Jenkins, William MichaelThe Fundamentals of Counseling in Micronesia: A Working Model for the Certification of Indigenous Counselors in the Pacific Basin2007Ph.D.
Joseph, Vio OusephReligiosity in the Recovery of Alcohol Counselors2011Ph.D.
Kallani, JoeBe Angry but do not Sin1995Ph.D.
Kane, Mary M.Transference and the Spiritual Journey2006Ph.D.
Kelly, Brian F.A Return to the Transcendent: Rediscovering an Essential Element in Formulating a Psychology of Human Development Within Systems Theory1996Ph.D.
Kerrigan, SharonThe Impact of the Asclepius Cult on the Christian Healing Tradition1997Ph.D.
LaBonte, Stephen L.The Relationship of Religion, Religious Symbolism and Religious Professionals to Dissociative Identity Disorder with Implications for Treatment1996Ph.D.
Laha Jr., Robert R.Leadership: A New Pardigm for Today’s Pastor2000Ph.D.
LangehoughChild Abuse Resiliency and Faith: The Relationship Between Resilience, Spirituality and Religious Practice2014Ph.D.
Lehrer, Patricia A.The Journey Inwards: Crafting the Christian Self Through Autobiography, Dreams and Visions2008Ph.D.
Lopez Dona, Felix P.Cuando solo saber leer y escribir no es suficiente: Un analisis del impacto de la cruzada nacional de alfabetizacion de Nicaragua con relacion al bienester de la poblacion (en terminos de la situacion economica. las condiciones de salud, y la reduccion de la delincuencia)2008Ph.D.
Lopez Mora, WilfredoCaracteristicas Cristologicas para una pastoral juvenil2008Ph.D.
Macklin, KenTransformative Spirituality and Ethics2014Ph.D.
Malone, JanetThe Spirituality of Nonviolence in Transforming the Energies of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Conflict and Anger2005Ph.D.
Mangual Romero, AdánImportancia, fracaso y éxito del matrimonio2014Ph.D.
Mardini, FatimaMarriage and Divorce in the Three Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam2012Ph.D.
Miller, Whitney G.Psychomysticism: Toward a Method of Contemplative Counseling1996Ph.D.
Moreland Jr., Raymond TheodoreThe Beloved Journey: A Psychospiritual Study of Persons Living, Struggling and Dying with HIV/AIDS1997Ph.D.
Morse, James H.Using a Standard Psychological Instrument to Asses Spiritual Growth1999Ph.D.
Neal, Joanne ChristineThe Intentional Pursuit of the Ethical: The Faith-Based Formation of the Next Generation of Christian Managers and Business Leaders2010Ph.D.
Ngo, Peter Thang C.Tribunal in the New Millennium: Theology, Spirituality, Leadership, Collaboration and Strategies for Effective Pastoral Ministry2005Ph.D.
Nnaukwu, Alex ChitoolisaReligious Violence in Nigeria: The education, political, historical, socio-economic and psychological perspectives2010Ph.D.
Norris, Lyddon KendrickThe Psychological Meaning of Christmas2006Ph.D.
Nwobi, Paul U.Crisis in Priesthood and Spiritual Formation2010Ph.D.
Odikanoro, Vincent IbeCulture Shock: The Challenges of living at the Crossroads of Two Cultures: Case Study2009Ph.D.
Ohanete, MichaelExamination Security in Nigeria: The Search for a Model of Effective Practice2012Ph.D.
Okafor, Jude C.Problem of Addiction:A Case for the Victims of the Igbo of Nigeria2018Ph.D.
Okeke, Dilio AnselmThe Onslaught of Modernism on the Priestly Healing Ministry-A Pastoral Restoration2011Ph.D.
Okere, Bartholomew N.The Dilemma of the Growth of the Christian Faith in Igbo Land of Nigeria: A Psycho-Pastoral Perspective2010Ph.D.
Okereke, JoannaThe Need for Pastoral Care Ministry in Nigeria: A Challenge for the Church2013Ph.D.
Okonkwo, Marcel E.Rebranding the Culture of Education: The Nigerian Multi-Ethnic Perspective2017Ph.D.
Okoro, Alexander A.A Survey of the Osu Caste System in Igboland as a Case of Persistent Dehumanization2009Ph.D.
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