Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy


This is a 36 credit program (12 courses)


In this clinically-based program, the participant will encounter a two-fold emphasis, namely, (1) an unrelenting commitment to the academic study of clinical pastoral psychotherapy as embodied particularly in eight classical schools of psychotherapy, and (2) the clinical pastoral application to the counseling situation.  By combining academic training and pastoral awareness, this program offers a unique opportunity for ministry professionals to integrate psychotherapeutic modes of analysis with clinical application in individual and family counseling.


This specialization requires the completion of a set curriculum consisting of twelve courses to be taken in the following order:

  1. Classical Schools of Psychotherapy
  2. Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis
  3. Alfred Adler and Individual Psychology
  4. Carl Jung and Analytical Psychology
  5. Viktor Frankl and Logotherapy
  6. Abraham Maslow and Humanistic Psychology
  7. Erik Erikson and Developmental Psychology
  8. Carl Rogers and Person-Centered Psychotherapy
  9. Harry Stack Sullivan and Interpersonal Psychoanalysis
  10. Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy
  11. Clinical Psychopathology and Personality Disorders
  12. Geriatric Psychotherapy: Pastoral Care and Nurture of the Elderly




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