Doctoral Programs

The Graduate Theological Foundation (GTF) is an educational institution that offers students the opportunity to complete coursework directly through the GTF, in the form of online, distance or on-site study.  The GTF also identifies and endorses programs and venues throughout the U.S. and abroad where students may complete the academic requirements of their degree program.  Students work at their own pace within the timeframe of their degree programs. Both professional level (praxis-oriented) and academic level (research-oriented) graduate degrees are offered.

Professional degrees are oriented toward praxis in the relevant field of study with an emphasis placed upon topical issues, problem-solving agendas, and mechanisms for implementation strategies. The exit project may be presented through the use of various media such as workbooks and manuals, videos, CD-ROMs, websites, and DVDs. The exit project is evaluated by the faculty. No oral defense is required.
Professional Programs
Academic degrees are research-oriented, requiring the use of the GTF’s Online Research Library or comparable physical research library. The doctoral thesis is written under faculty supervision and endorsed by the supervisor. A defense is required.
Academic Programs
Degree-Completion Program
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