BIS 506 Help My Unbelief! Doubt, Faith, and the Gospel of Mark

Faculty: Dr. Timothy Allen (Profile)


This course will be controversial but necessary given the emergence of a new type of Christian churches today. There are two premises for this course. First, church as run today, is disappointing for many Christians. Evangelical triteness and mainline staleness are turning off Christians who have been loyal to the church all their lives.  Second, these Christians have many questions for the church that are ignored by the church. They no longer believe in the virgin birth of Christ, do not anticipate a physical return of Jesus, and do not put their hope in many tenets of the creeds. Still, they go to church faithfully and do the work of Christ. When they express their views the Church responds with “You must not doubt, you must believe!” Their pastoral needs are totally ignored by this type of response. If scripture is alive then it should meet the needs of those who ask questions. Where do doubters in the faith go for spiritual nurture? The Gospel of Mark was written with such doubters in mind.

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