ISSB 151 Arabic Syntax (Grammar)

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In this course students will study the parts of speech including: the mabni, muarab, marfooat alasma’ such as almubtadawalkhabar, the subject and substitute of the subject, the rules of nawasikh (superseding), conditions which cause the name to be mansoob, kinds of almafa’eel, exceptions, adverbs, distinguished, kinds of jar by addition or by jarr letters which will be identified, as well as the different uses of these letters. Also, this course teaches the scale of sarf, almujarad and almazeed, almuta’adi wallazim, the two kinds of verbs that reflect known and unknown subjects, tasgheer, nasab (lineage), ali’lal (verbs that contain vowels), and ibdal (replacement). And the students will be trained in i’rab, the rhyme of Arabic words, and will be trained in tracing the origins of Arabic words through I’rab of selected suras form the Holy Quran, prophetic hadiths, and literary texts. In order for this course to be a practical application of what has been studied in the course on Arabic Grammar, students will engage in a comprehensive study of i’rab, based on the modern method of i’rab that is currently used.

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