JES 500 Journeys in Jewish Spirituality*

Faculty: Rabbi Howard Addison (Profile)

*This course is appropriate as a point of departure for students in the D.Min. in Jewish Spirituality program. 


“It is our duty to revitalize the spirit of God …and gain respect for Torah … We must take whatever is good from any source where we find it… We shall infuse the living creative spirit that knows our generation and is capable of influencing it, toward the love of all things holy” — (Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (d. 1935) Chief Rabbi of Pre-State Israel). For those who would offer Jewish Leadership, in any of its Spiritual, Religious or Social forms, Rav Kook’s challenge remains as compelling today as when it was first sounded. Like those he was addressing in his time, ours is the task of influencing those whom we serve towards love of the Holy and the realization that all situations and encounters can reveal that which is “beloved of God.” As the point of embarkation on the D.Min. Program in Jewish Spirituality, this course has three goals: 1)To further acquaint you, the student, with past and current sources and themes in Jewish Spirituality; 2)To stimulate reflection upon the state of your own spiritual journey as well as the vistas and perspectives that the readings and exercises might open for you; 3)To help clarify, both cognitively and affectively, how your own spiritual leadership, including your doctoral project, should embody the knowledge, insight and experience gained along your continuing Jewish Spiritual Journey.

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