LDS 512 Transcending Cycles of Violence: A Macro-Analysis of Change

Faculty: Mary Kendall Hope, Ph.D., Professor of Mediation Studies (Profile)


This Course explores the skills needed to break cycles of violence and promote peace. The group behavior patterns that lead to social conflict are explored with an emphasis on methods to break long standing cycles of violence and transcend patterns of ineffective functioning that has perpetuated conflict. Dr. John Paul Lederach’s groundbreaking writings lead the field in creating the stimulus for changes that will stimulate peace.

Individuals promoting peace are uniquely posed (within every type of cultural community) to lead and inspire social groups to transcend cycles of violence. Strong leadership is what is needed to enable congregates and communities to begin new pathways of peaceful interaction. In today’s world of rising crime, gang membership, and terrorist threats, – the skill to break and transcend “cycles of violence” is sorely needed. This course will provide students with the techniques needed to lead communities away from conflict cycles and toward the light of a more healthy and positive peace, where once there existed only violence.

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