LDS 514 Vocation and Call

Faculty: Dr. Paul J. Kirbas (Profile)


“The grammar of transformational change is the invitational question, not the declarative answer.” These words from the Fetzer Institute form the structure for our exploration into the connection between the experience of personal transformation and its relationship to the practice of transformational leadership: What would it mean for you as a leader to cultivate the inner life? What would your leadership arising from your core of spiritual groundedness look like? 

You’ll reflect on these questions by writing a weekly 600 – 1000 word essay, relating the readings to prompts inviting you to explore various aspects of your interior experience of spiritual conversion and leadership praxis. The tutorial will culminate with a substantive final essay that consists of, and builds on, your weekly reflections – informed by your learning and my comments on these – on the relationship between your personal spirituality and your leadership practice.

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