TSC 501 Personal Rights in the Code of Canon Law

Faculty: Rev. Jude Onogbosele, J.C.D. (Profile)


This course is designed to acquaint the student with the personal relevance of 1983 Code of Canon Law, in its fundamental aspects, rights. Students may opine that the recent Code of Canon law has little relation to rights and duties “in my life.” Exploration of the law on a personal level proves enlightening. What rights and duties does the 1983 Code of Canon Law give to your status and activity in the Church? Is there any relation between these rights (and duties) in the Code and in the Second Vatican Council? The ultimate goal is to learn about legal rights, and new legal views from the Second Vatican Council. The Index in the New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law by Beal, et al., will be very helpful in the writing assignments.

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