TSC 520 The Future of the Code of Canon Law

Faculty: Rev. Jude Onogbosele, J.C.D. (Profile)


After the Second Vatican Council, the 1917 Code of Canon Law had to be revised according to a “new mentality,” a “new consciousness” at work in the Church (Pope Paul VI, 18 November 1965). Proposals for the future Code included a Bill of Rights (Lex Ecclesiae Fundamentalis) and a desire for subsidiarity. The new Code of Canon Law was published in 1983. This new codification of Canon Law reflects the pilgrim, historical, contingent aspect that the Church possesses in the midst of its un-changing condition. The ultimate goal of this tutorial is to examine innovations in the 1983 Code with an expectation of continued development by principles contained in a Bill of Rights and subsidiarity. Past principles are powerful predictors in future change.

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