Study Options



The GTF enjoys affiliations with the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, the Centro Pro Unione in Rome and several P.R.I.M.E. programs. The P.R.I.M.E. affiliation allows students to earn their degree from the GTF by completing all required coursework through a designated P.R.I.M.E. institution.

Online Courses (formerly E-Tutorials)

E-Tutorials use email as the sole mechanism for communication between the student and the GTF faculty. Each course is taught as a one-on-one tutorial between the student and the faculty person offering the course. This curriculum is offered exclusively by our own faculty. The faculty evaluation of student performance will be linked to the degree level of the student. Each E-Tutorials is valued at one Unit of Study.

Individualized Tutorials

This course format is designed to allow students to pursue an individually directed topic of study, initiated by the student in the form of a tutorial topic proposal. Each tutorial is valued at one Unit of Study.

Independent Study

Any student in any degree program has the right to propose an Independent Study course of his/her own creation. Unlike the Tutorial course wherein the student identifies the tutor and topic, the Independent Study course provides the student with the opportunity to develop the topic of investigation without the necessity of a tutor. The innovative student constructs a plan of study built around preestablished readings selected by the student rather than by a tutor. The Independent Study is valued at one Unit of Study.
Residential Institutes

In response to frequent requests of current students to study at the GTF, a schedule of seminars has been put in place which focuses on specific topics of relevance to the various degree programs. These seminars have been clustered by topical theme under the general title of Residential Institutes. Each Institute runs for five days (Monday-Friday) on a specific theme consisting of two separate seminars, morning and afternoon. 
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