Units of Study

Units of Study and Credits Defined

Unit of Study = Forty (40) contact hours or three graduate credits

One (1) CPE Unit = One (1) Unit of Study

Four (4) CEUs = One (1) Unit of Study

Credit Earned By Teaching

Upon approval by the GTF, a graduate-level or professional-level course taught by a student prior to or during studies at the GTF, may be evaluated as a course taken, and may earn the student up to one Unit of Study. The course content will be evaluated based on the student’s demonstrated level of expertise and relevance to the student’s degree program and/or concentration. Students at the Graduate Theological Foundation may receive up to one Unit of Study for teaching a graduate class in which there is a text, a syllabus, an identified group of students completing assignments, an affiliation with an educational institution or sponsoring organization, and a duration of 40 classroom contact hours. Undergraduate courses taught by a graduate student of the GTF may, in certain circumstances, be evaluated for possible graduate credit upon petition by the student to the GTF.

Transfer of Academic Credit

Work recently undertaken prior to entry into the program may be accepted toward fulfillment of degree requirements. The guidelines for transferring credit are as follows:

the work must have been completed within the past five years (longer periods considered upon petition);
the work must not have been applied toward another degree; and
the work must not have been audited but have been taken for credit with fulfillment of all the course requirements.

NOTE: The GTF accepts academic work from regionally accredited and/or denominationally sponsored/approved institutions.

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