Bruce Chilton, Ph.D.

Bruce Chilton, Visiting Professor of Religious Studies, is a scholar of early Christianity and Judaism as well as an Anglican priest. He wrote the first critical translation and commentary for the Aramaic version of Isaiah (The Isaiah Targum, 1987), as well as academic studies that analyze Jesus in his Judaic context (A Galilean Rabbi and His Bible, 1984; The Temple of Jesus, 1992; Pure Kingdom, 1996). 

He has taught in Europe at the Universities of Cambridge, Sheffield, and Münster, and in the United States at Yale University (as the first Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament) and Bard College. Currently Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Bard, he also directs the Institute of Advanced Theology there. 
Principal publications include Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography (2000), Rabbi Paul: An Intellectual Biography (2004), Mary Magdalene: A Biography (2005), The Cambridge Companion to the Bible (2007), The Way of Jesus (2010), Visions of the Apocalypse (2013), and Christianity – The Basics (2015). His next major book, Resurrection Logic: How Jesus’ First Followers Believed God Raised Him from the Dead was recently published in September 2019 by Baylor University Press.

Areas of Service

  • Thesis Supervision
  • Project Consultant
  • Online Courses

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