Jeanette Banashak, Ph.D.

Jeanette Banashak is Visiting Professor of Spiritual Direction. She is an educator, author, spiritual director, and retreat leader with an interfaith/interspiritual focus.  She holds the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Education from the Graduate Theological Foundation.  Dr. Banashak’s dissertation focused on the interrelationship between creativity and contemplation.  A former professor of Ministry and Creativity, as well as Spanish, Jeanette is the co-founder and lead teacher of The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute, a forward-thinking organization that provides education and certification in inter-religious and interspiritual direction (and PRIME partner of The Graduate Theological Foundation). 

Dr. Banashak teaches mindfulness in Chicago Public Schools, facilitates training for future mindfulness educators, and translates curriculum into Spanish.  She holds a certificate in the Enneagram and has taught it in university, business, and religious settings. 
Religious Affiliation: 
  • Interspiritual 
General Areas of Interests:
  • Spiritual Direction (Guidance) in English and Spanish
  • The Enneagram as an Interfaith Tool
  • Creativity Studies
  • Interspirituality and Culture
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Interreligious Pilgrimage
  • Mindfulness in Education
  • Teaching as Sacred Activism
Areas of Service:
  • Online Courses
Online Course Offerings:

Faculty Contact

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