Alamance Institute for Pastoral Counseling

Burlington, North Carolina
  • Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling (D.Min.)
  • Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)
This relationship allows a student to complete partial coursework requirements for the D.Min. degree or the Psy.D. degree at Alamance Institute for Pastoral Counseling (AIPC) in Burlington, North Carolina.  AIPC is a pastoral counseling training program that is approved by the Accreditation Committee of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (Cf., ).  The Alamance Institute for Pastoral Counseling provides clinical placements in non-profit agencies in the community.
The program consists of four consecutive six-month residency sessions at AIPC.  A collegial and professional atmosphere prevails as students participate in Graduate Seminars, Clinical Case Conferences and Individual Supervisory Conferences focused upon their reading, research and practice.  The educational setting provides a context for dialogue, reflection, and integration of learning from both study and praxis.  The clinical component offers students an opportunity to provide counseling services in the community and, in supervision, learn the practice of psychotherapy. 
To earn the Psy.D. or the D.Min., students must complete the full 2-year program through AIPC, two courses from the GTF, a Research Methodology writing assignment and must develop a doctoral project for submission to the GTF, or fulfill the Non-Project Option (two additional GTF courses). 
The Study Options button on the GTF website under the heading Academics lists the course offerings of the GTF and provides information about the various methods of earning Units of Study for your degree.  
  • One unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (or equivalent clinical education/experience).
  • A minimum of five years’ experience in ministry.
  • Acceptance by the Graduate Theological Foundation into its program of studies for the Doctor of Ministry Degree in Pastoral Counseling or Doctor of Psychology.
  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduation from an accredited seminary or divinity school with a seminary/graduate degree.
  • A completed application for this course of study, and payment of an application fee of $65.00 to the GTF.
  • An admissions interview at Alamance with a faculty committee. 
  • Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)          $14,900
  • Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)    $14,900
Tuition reflects administrative degree program costs charged by the GTF.  Program costs charged by the PRIME institution are separate and additional, and must be paid directly to the PRIME institution. 
Please contact the Bursar of the Graduate Theological Foundation for information about tuition for this degree.
Please contact the PRIME institution for information about program costs. 
Please see the tuition section of the D.Min. and Psy.D. program description pages for information regarding tuition policies and payment schedules. 
For more information, please contact:
Carla Lang, M.A., Psy.D.
Director of Doctoral Programs
Alamance Institute for Pastoral Counseling
The Gregory Building
154 Huffman Mill Road, Suite 105-A
Burlington, NC 27215
Tel: (336)577-1017  
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