Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy


On March 19, 2001, the GTF accepted the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy as an educational partner. The P.R.I.M.E. relationship allows Foundation students to transfer in coursework completed through the Viktor Frankl Institute to fulfill partial academic requirements of the Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Psychology or Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Logotherapy degree. Degrees in Pastoral Logotherapy are offered through the GTF’s Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy.
The Viktor Frankl Institute offers intensive workshop-style educational experiences in different areas. The Institute also makes courses in logotherapy available in a distance learning format. There are introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of courses offered by highly qualified faculty. Within the Institute a student can achieve the status of Associate in Logotherapy or Diplomate in Logotherapy. After completing the coursework for the Associate credential, advanced supervised study for the Diplomate Clinician or the Diplomate Educator/Administrator credential is offered on an individual basis.  Students who wish to apply their work toward a degree in Pastoral Logotherapy must provide our offices with an official transcript of coursework completed through the Viktor Frankl Institute.

Students are responsible for all fees required by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.
For more information, please contact:
Rev. Jeremiah N. Murasso, PsyD, Ed.D, Ph.D
Robert C. Leslie Professor in Pastoral Logotherapy
Director of the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy
Information about Viktor Frankl, his life and work, can be viewed on the website of the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna at
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