Bachelor of Theology for Roman Catholic Deacons (B.Th.)


Roman Catholic Deacons have the opportunity to apply their three-year diaconal training certificate for academic credit toward a GTF bachelor’s degree completion program in theology.

“The Bachelor of Theology for Roman Catholic Deacons takes a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months for completion”

Admission Requirements
  1. Completion of the Undergraduate Portfolio* to provide evidence of five or more years of post-high school, professional-level paid or volunteer work experience in a social service ministry or faith community
  2. High school diploma or G.E.D. Foreign students must hold the equivalent.
  3. Completion of the Application Procedure.

    * See the Undergraduate Portfolio section for an explanation.

Program Requirements

  1. Students are expected to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Student Handbook of the year of their acceptance with a particular focus on their degree program. Students are bound by the academic and financial requirements of the Handbook in use at the time of their acceptance. The current Student Handbook, as well as past years’ Handbooks, can be viewed here.
  2. Verification of diaconal training
  3. Completion of two E-Tutorials of the student’s choice
  4. Completion of senior paper

Senior Paper 

The senior paper is the final academic requirement of all undergraduate students. This paper should consist of the student’s personal reflections on his/her ministry or social service work to date. Students should address the following topics in their senior paper: 
  1. The nature and extent of their experience and current social service/ministry work
  2. Their plans for furthering their work
  3. How their studies and resulting degree from the GTF will benefit them in their service to their community 
The format of the senior paper is as follows:
  1. 3,500-5,000 words (10-15 pages)
  2. one-inch margins
  3. double-spaced
  4. typed in Times New Roman 12 point font

Papers are submitted by mail to the Office of the Registrar of the GTF.

When all academic and financial requirements have been met, the student is eligible to attend Graduation. 
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