Bachelor of Theology in Islamic Studies (B.Th.)

The Bachelor of Theology degree may be earned in Islamic Studies with all courses offered in the Arabic language. All students applying for this degree must have five years of post-high school, professional-level paid, or volunteer work experience in a Muslim religious community. Students taking this degree may go on for graduate study in the Arabic language for the Master of Theology or Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Foundation.
The GTF awards professional baccalaureate degrees, the Bachelor of Religious Education, Bachelor of Theology, and Bachelor of Sacred Music, which are built upon practical skills needed to function professionally within the student’s chosen field. The GTF makes a distinction between a professional baccalaureate degree and a liberal arts degree. While a liberal arts education attempts to provide a broad foundation of general studies, the professional degree provides a concentration in practical skills which may be exercised in the student’s profession.
For more information on the B.Th. in Islamic Studies degree program, please visit our Islamic Studies Department webpage.
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