Independent Study

Any student in any degree program has the right to propose an Independent Study course of his/her own creation. Unlike the Tutorial course wherein the student identifies the tutor and topic, the Independent Study course provides the student with the opportunity to develop the topic of investigation without the necessity of a tutor. The innovative student constructs a plan of study built around pre-established readings selected by the student and approved by the Foundation Faculty. The Independent Study is valued at one Unit of Study. Guidelines for the Independent Study are as follows. Students may only register for two (2) Independent Study courses toward the fulfillment of their academic requirements.

  1. The student must take the initiative to identify a topic of study and must submit a letter or email to the Office of the Registrar with the title and bibliography of the proposed Independent Study.
  2. Following the approval of the proposed topic, the student must submit a paper of 3,000-6,000 words, double-spaced, at the conclusion of the Independent Study.
  3. The paper must be a scholarly treatment of the topic and include at least 3-5 references.
  4. The student has 90 days to complete the Independent Study and submit the required paper by mail or email to the Office of the Registrar. Prior written consent must be given by the Foundation for a student to do more than one Independent Study for any degree program.
The Independent Study paper will be read and evaluated by the Foundation’s faculty. An entry on the transcript will reflect the title of the Independent Study and the venue as the Graduate Theological Foundation. For information on fees, please Click Here.
Academic Coursework Policy
The paper required for an Independent Study course must be submitted within 90 days of starting the course or no course credit will be awarded.
NOTE: Click Here for Paper Guidelines.
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