Individualized Tutorials

Individualized tutorials are designed to allow students to pursue an individually directed topic of study, initiated by the student in the form of a tutorial topic proposal. Each tutorial is valued at one Unit of Study

Students needing a specialized topic for their degree work and specifically desiring to work with one of the faculty available on a topic of particular interest are welcome to make a topic proposal in the form of a letter. The proposal letter should indicate the desired topic of the tutorial and a listing of two to three books specifically dealing with the proposed topic which the student intends to utilize in preparation for the tutorial. The student should also indicate specifically how this tutorial topic will benefit the development of his/her degree program and/or degree project.

Students desiring to nominate a prospective tutor not on the Graduate Theological Foundation’s faculty are welcome to do so by submitting a CV of the proposed tutor along with the topic of the proposed tutorial.

NOTE: Individualized tutorials are particularly suited to students wishing to spend a week with a faculty person doing specific work related to their doctoral or master’s project.

Tutorial Session Defined
Tutorial meeting times and meeting format (face-to-face, Skype, phone, email) are arranged between the student and faculty member, in a manner than is convenient to both.
The tutorial session is built upon pre-assigned readings of two to three selected texts which dictate the topic of the tutorial. For each one-hour session, the student is required to write a response paper of 750-1,250 words to the pre-set reading assignment. Students will read the response papers aloud and will present a hardcopy to the tutor at the beginning of each session as the focus of discussion for each one-hour session. Within 90 days of completing the five one-hour sessions, the student must submit to the Office of the Registrar a response paper of 3,000-6,000 words based upon the tutorial. The paper is evaluated by the faculty and a grade is assigned and recorded on the student’s transcript.
Academic Coursework
All papers written for an individualized tutorial must be submitted within 90 days of completing the course or no course credit will be awarded.
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