Where do Our Ph.D. Graduates Work? A New GTF Survey


Ph.D. Alumni Employment (survey conducted Dec. 4-11, 2013)

In the spirit of full disclosure and as we close out this year, the GTF has just completed a survey of our Ph.D. graduates covering the past 20 years (N=298), dating from 1994 onwards, to determine in what field they are working and the percentage of those currently employed.  Our aim is to demonstrate full disclosure of the employment record of our own Ph.D. graduates in order that future Ph.D. students may be able to anticipate the various employment opportunities which might await them upon completion of their degrees.

Some 91% of our Ph.D. graduates at the time of graduation work in four specific fields:

– 32% in education (with better than 90% at the college/university level)

– over 7% in administration

– 35% in faith community work such as priests and pastors

– 17% in counseling and chaplaincy

The balance serve in cognate fields of social service ministries such as nursing.

The employment diffential between Ph.D. alumni and all other of our doctoral alumni (D.Min., Psy.D., Ed.D., D.S.M., D.Med., D.Tr.S.)  proves also informative and interesting.  Whereas 35% of our Ph.D. alumni serve faith communities, 41% of our total alumni do so.

Twice as many of our Ph.D. alumni teach at the collegiate level than our total doctoral alumni (32% versus 16%), while virtually the same number of both Ph.D. alumni and other doctoral alumni work in counseling and chaplaincy as well as in administration.

The beauty of our Ph.D. programs at the Graduate Theological Foundation is that individuals are provided with a method of learning that allows, even encourages, them to stay on the job while pursuing their doctorate through taking online courses and attending intensive residential weeks of study.

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